San Beda - Taytay, San Juan, Taytay
School Cafeteria, San Beda College Highlands Pointe, San Juan, Taytay, Rizal, Philippines
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  • Cereal Combos (Blockbusters), Smoochies, Cereal split and Choco Flakes
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At Cerealicious, we try to unleash the kid in you! Or at least make you momentarily forget your age.

Whether you're in kindergarten, a teenager, a college student, a serious banker or even a doting grandmother, you will definitely get excited, even deliriously dizzy at the sight of our delightful array of 30+cereals, 40+ toppings and certainly memorable Cereal Blockbusters.

All these we give to you cereal lovers out there, with only the best and purest intentions at heart.

So read on, learn more about us because we are definitely bent on growing bigger and serving you even better.


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