Charlie's Pritchon

Kalayaan Avenue, Quezon City

43D Kalayaan Ave.,
Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines


Charlie's Pritchon is fried lechon or "Pritong Biik" wrapped in pita wedges and served with seven kinds of sauce. It is a very creative way of serving a whole suckling pig or "Lechon de Leche". It is a Philippine delicacy that has always found its place on the premier tables during special occasions and festive events but given a different twist.

The product is named after its innovator, Charlie Esguerra. Together with his wife, Dina Mayuga, they have transformed the traditional lechon dish into an even finer cuisine that would cater to various discriminating and creative taste palettes.

It all started while they were both stuck in traffic along EDSA. Charlie suddenly thought of frying the pig instead of roasting it. After two weeks, Dina dreamt of her mother who passed away in 1996. Dina's mother told her to wrap the fried lechon in pita wedges and use several sauces other than the traditional lechon sauce. With the help of other family members and friends, they were able to develop the product. In 2002, they organized the Pritchon Corporation and started delivering commercially using the Pritchon Service Concept. This service concept presently being practiced, is highly appreciated by the Filipino consumer market. A service crew normally goes to the party place with the Pritchon packaged in a hand-woven pandan leaf mat, carved and wrapped in pita wedges right in front of the guests. The service is personalized as the friendly service crew is given the chance to converse with the guests.
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