Abub's Cebuana Native Lechon

Kalawaan - Pasig, Pasig

63 Elisco Road, Kalawaan,
Pasig, Metro Manila, Philippines

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    ₱1000 & Up
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Abub’s Cebuana Native Lechon started its humble beginning last December 2002, through the entrepreneurial efforts of a prominent Cebuana housewife. Proud of her heritage, she thought of bringing to Manila a delicacy, which Cebu is known for. She started booking orders for whole lechon for parties and other special occasions. It was an appropriate time to start the business since it was the holiday season. To serve her clients, the lechons were flown in daily from Cebu. December proved to be a good month to start, with the holiday parties and all, several hundreds of lechon were sold during that season. Inspired by her success of her holiday operation, she sat down and looked at the business on a long-term basis.

Now Abub’s Cebuana Native Lechon Corporation has metamorphosed into a full-blown operation. The company put up its own commissary in Kalawaan, Pasig. The well equipped commissary now serves the daily lechon requirements of all our customers in Metro Manila. Manned by expert Cebuano lechon cooks flown in from Cebu, a proven technique and with a tried and tested authentic Cebu lechon recipe, the commissary is the hub of Abub’s Cebuana Native Lechon. The commissary serves customer’s special orders for all occasions.

With a sanitary tiled slaughter area and a cemented scalding vat, the pigs are prepared and roasted with special herbs and spices that give the meat its distinct taste. The lechons are prepared and roasted in the cemented roasting pit using charcoal, cooked just in time for delivery to the customers. Therefore, the customer assured of crispy, tasty and freshly roasted lechon, prepared just like how the Cebuanos does it in Cebu. In fact we commit delivery in 6 hours after an order is made.

With a young and energetic group behind the company, Abub’s Cebuana Native Lechon Corp. envisions in the future carving its own niche in the lechon industry and growing a market that will keep coming back for more.
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