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Eat Of The Week: A Burnt Bibingka Cheesecake for a Unique Christmas Treat

Don't forget to pair this with coffee or salabat for the full festive experience!

Chef Chele Gonzalez (Gallery by Chele, Stvdio Lab) shares that it was never in the pipeline for them to release a product line. But the pandemic entered in 2020. Taking all that’s happened this year, his team decided to do something good out of the situation. They’ve finally taken a customer insight (the persistent clamor of guests for the restaurant to sell their breads, kombuchas, and other products), and finally made it happen.

Deli by Chele Executive Chefs Carlos Villaflor and Chele Gonzalez

Chele, along with Chef Carlos Villaflor now present Deli by Chele. Their website carries carefully crafted products that adhere to strict food hygiene, and featuring high quality, sustainable, and organic produce. Their love for local shines at the online deli, where one can now browse their collection of artisanal bread, pastries, kombucha, pastrami, charcuterie, bottled food preserves, pickles, jams, and more. Included in their product lineup is a holiday-appropriate cake that should excite any Gallery by Chele guest and anyone that loves delicious dessert!

Chika: Basque Burnt Bibingka Cheesecake

Burnt Bibingka Cheesecake

If you’ve enjoyed Gallery’s signature mini Bibingka Cheesecake that always ends dinner on a high note, here’s good news. Their bite-sized delight now has a deli counterpart that’s upsized to make dessert extra special. Meet the Chika: Burnt Bibingka Cheesecake!

Fusing the Burnt Basque Cheesecake and Gallery’s Bibingka Cheesecake, Carlos explains that they wanted it to be a blend of cultures as well. “We wanted to create something Fillipino, but also we wanted to make something unique,” he shares.

Chika Basque Burnt Bibingka Cheesecake - Deli by Chele

Instead of the traditional bibingka which is dense, the Chika is extra sexy with its silky and creamy body. The cheese is luscious yet subtle, the sweetness similar — never cloying. The cake is cooked on the banana leaf to get the delicious aroma.


Topping the Chika Burnt Bibingka Cheesecake is grated salted egg yolk. They also cure the eggs in-house. The delicate shavings make this modern bibingka cheesecake elegant and refined.

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While at first sight it may look like bibingka, it’s an entirely new dessert. It’s creamy and silky like a hybrid of a custard and a flan. While the textures far from the Christmas rice cake, the flavors are quite familiar and comforting. It’s the perfect size to share with family, and you may find yourself yearning for an extra slice. Don’t forget to pair this with coffee or salabat for the full festive experience!

The Dish:

CHIKA – Burnt Bibingka Cheesecake (P950 for 6.5″ Whole Cake)

Where to Find It:

Deli By Chele, order online at Deliveries are scheduled for Wednesdays and Saturdays. In addition, the deli offers free delivery for single receipt purchases of P2,900 and above. Standard delivery fee of P190 for Metro Manila deliveries. For inquiries, call +63 917 160 2382 or e-mail Follow Deli By Chele on Facebook and Instagram.

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