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Eat Of The Week: This Red-Bunned Burger that Celebrates Christmas

Brothers Burger brings back the Rudolph’s Burger -- a cheese-stuffed beef patty with caramelized holiday bacon and cranberry bun!

Even if majority of the year had us spending our time safely tucked at home and social distancing, the pandemic should not be a reason to keep us from enjoying Christmas. The easiest way to be festive is to feast on its flavors — from Noche Buena staples to special restaurant food. How about sinking your teeth into this eye-catching, holiday-inspired burger by Brothers Burger?

Photo: Brothers Burger

This Santa season, the restaurant brings back Rudolph’s Burger, a red-bunned burger that looks as festive as a Christmas ornament.

Rudolph's Burger by Brother's Burger
Rudolph’s Burger

Now, this burger isn’t all just for show — it’s actually pretty delicious! Soft cranberry buns give this dish a pop of color as well as a slight sweetness. In between the red bread is a hefty medley of meat and veggies. The beef patty is extremely juicy that some juices oozed out from the sandwich and dribbled down my chin (and hands!) upon first bite. The patty is flame-grilled and is sttuffed with their house blend cheddar cheese.

Rudolph, with your bun so bright

Giving a Christmassy flavor to this are strips of holiday bacon on top of the patty. The caramelized bacon adds sweetness in every bite! The tomatoes adds extra juiciness, while the crunch of lettuce and onions adds texture.

I was honestly ready to pass this off as a ‘cutesy’ burger for the holidays, but the flavors really combined well together to my surprise. Pro tip: if you’re having Rudolph’s Burger delivered, there’s an option to have the beef patty separated from the sandwich. You can assemble the burger at home and not deal with a messy burger when it gets to you. Plus points for this!

If you want to surprise someone who loves burgers, get the Rudolph’s Burger and watch as they unwrap it. It’s just a lot of fun to see that much colors pop out in a sandwich. Delicious surprises like this one is always a welcome treat this Christmas!

The Dish:

Rudolph’s Burger (P295)

Where to Find It:

Available in all Brothers Burger stores and for online ordering through from until January 15, 2021. Follow Brothers Burger on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

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