8 Places To Enjoy Creamy Cheesecake in Metro Manila

From bakeshops to restaurants, here are some places around the Metro to satisfy your undying cheesecake craving!

The beauty of the well-praised cheesecake dessert is that it caters to both sugar-driven diners and those not so fond of too much sweetness. A good cheesecake usually consists of a creamy, slightly tangy base, a solid graham crust, and a variety of complementary toppings, making it a diversely-textured and flavored treat to enjoy any time of day.

Where then can one head to satisfy their undying cheesecake craving? From bakeshops to restaurants, here are some places around the Metro to visit:

1. Nono’s

cheesecake in metro manila cheesecake in metro manila

Image: Nono's

Their tag of “comfort food done right” doesn’t just apply to Nono’s menu of classic, hearty dishes – it also applies to their extensive line of freshly-baked pastries, sweets, tarts, and treats, cheesecake included.

Their creamy Classic Cheesecake (P1,435) features an intricately pretty design and a rich, smooth base atop the signature graham cracker crust. Made from real Philadelphia cream cheese and baked to perfection, this 8-inch delight will please up to 10-12 people at any gathering.

2. Le Petit Souffle’s Workshop

cheesecake in metro manila

The charming little French nook, Le Petit Souffle, is already known for its creative French-Japanese fusion and cute cafe aesthetics, but what others may not know yet is that head Chef Miko Aspiras has also opened a partner bespoke bakery called Workshop.

Workshop, Chef Miko’s passion project, showcases his skills as a unique baker. This vision is relays in the best-selling Manchego Cheesecake (P225), a must-try for adventurous sweet tooths. This crowd-favorite dessert is a salty and sweet tango of flavors, served with vanilla creme anglaise for a creamy addition.

3.  Starbucks

cheesecake in metro manila cheesecake in metro manila

Image: Starbucks

Surprise – your favorite coffee chain has more up its sleeve aside from your daily caffeine essential, and it’s their signature Blueberry-licious Cheesecake (P135/slice).

The cheese base is luxurious in feel and just the right amount of sweet and tart in its taste. The subtle sweetness is accentuated by the real, juicy blueberries and tart jam, making it too easy to reach for more than just one forkful of this staple cafe dessert. Other notable flavors are their Camembert and Mascarpone Blueberry Cheesecake and Salted Caramel.

4. The Chocolate Kiss

cheesecake in metro manila cheesecake in metro manila

Image: The Chocolate Kiss

At the Chocolate Kiss, sugar-crazed fanatics may overwhelm themselves with the many cake choices available, either for take-out or dine-in enjoyment.

Fans of the cheesecake dessert will be even happier to know that the family-favorite cafe serves three kinds: Sour Cream Cheesecake (P140 per slice, P1,400 per cake), Blueberry Cheesecake (P140 per slice, P,1500 per cake), Chocolate Chip Cheesecake (P145 per slice, P1,500 per cake). Each cake is freshly-baked daily (which explains their one day-advance order system), and is made of real eggs, butter, high-quality sugar, flour, and cocoa, and is completely preservative-free.

5. The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

cheesecake in metro manilaImage: The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

Another coffee shop makes the list, and for good reason. Your favorite resident cafe Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf serve up a simple but delectable menu of baked goodies, including their original Blueberry Cheesecake (P145 per slice, P1,450 per cake).

Many love this dessert for its thick and creamy body and sweet blueberry topping, atop a subtly crunchy graham crust, combining a variety of flavors and textures into one. Their Ube variant is just as good, too. Sounds like the best partner to your warm coffee beverage!

6. Banapple

cheesecake in metro manila cheesecake in metro manila

Image: Banapple

Known for their pies, muffins, and cheesecakes, Banapple is a dessert connoisseur that hardly disappoints both sweet-obsessed diners and savory savants.

Might we add that Banapple has a whopping 10 cheesecake flavors to offer? Ranging from P1,395 to P1,595, you can indulge in either a Dark Chocolate Tiramisu variant, White Chocolate Berry, Two-Nut Caramel, Strawberry Crunch, Snicker Fudge, or a sinful Oreo Brownie Fudge cheesecake. What’s your pick going to be?

7. Frankie’s

cheesecake in metro manilaImage: Frankie's

It’s not just the wings we’re after – Frankie’s surprisingly has one of the best cheesecakes in town!

The famous buffalo wings giant boasts original cheesecake recipes of three kinds: New York (P130), Oreo (P150), and Salted Caramel (P150). Each slice is enough to satisfy up to 2 tummies, thanks to its rich cream cheese base and simple but addicting flavors and toppings. It’s the perfect cap-off to an already great meal!

8. M Bakery

cheesecake in metro manila cheesecake in metro manila

Image: M Bakery

The renowned bakery hailing from America that just recently made its way here, much to many sweet-crazed addicts’ joy. M Bakery already boasts an overwhelming dessert menu, which definitely doesn’t stop diners from visiting for their daily and deadly dose of sweetness.

A regular guilty pleasure for some comes in the tiny size of their cute cheesecakes, the M Bakery Mini Cheesecakes (P275). Each one is smooth and velvety, its rich texture accentuated by the crumbly cookie crumb crust.

The daily flavors available are Caramel Pecan, Calamansi, Vanilla Bean, and Red Velvet, while the special flavors that need to be ordered in advance are Chocolate, Lemon, German Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Chocolate, and Vanilla and Chocolate Swirl. Which ones are you salivating for?


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