10 Restaurants Around Metro Manila To Cure Your Hangover

Eat away your bad headache—and last night's bad decisions (kidding!)—at these food spots.

Picture this: It’s the wee hours of the morning and you’re absolutely smashed after a wild night out. You have two options. You either head home to sleep your hangover off or you trek somewhere with good grub, filled with the bright hopes of eating your brown-bottle flu away.

Now for a little bit of science. When we drink, we stall our body’s normal absorption of nutrients like vitamin A, zinc, and potassium. Logically, if we want to feel better, it’s a must that we replace them by eating foods rich with these nutrients. Vitamin A, for example, can be easily found in fish, meat, and eggs; while fruits like bananas and avocados are rich in potassium.

So yes, there is a legit reason why we feel like we’re absolutely starving after a night of drinking. On the bright side, that’s another legit excuse for us to stuff our face with food like the ones from these spots below:

1. Kanto Freestyle Breakfast

Image: Kanto Freestyle Breakfast

Here’s another good breakfast place that serves pretty mean plates for when you’re ready to smash some serious chow. Kanto Freestyle Breakfast is all about our favorite table favorites—think: tapa, eggs, tomatoes, etc. They also have a pretty good selection of sweet breakfast meals too like their champorado with tuyo flakes and pancakes. For those of you who like a combination of both, however, your best bet is their Fresh Toast which comes with hefty servings of bacon and fluffy scrambled eggs.  

2. Recovery Food

From its name alone, Recovery Food promises to deliver some good ol’ Filipino dishes that can help you—well, recover from an alcohol binge. It offers versions of local breakfast bowls which, if you’re following, are filled with the very food that can help chase away your hangover. One of its most popular bowls is the Doc Sisig made with flavorful bits of chopped pork and a sunny side up on the side. If you want something less greasy, however, you can go for the PinaTUNA-Y instead, a rice bowl topped with calamansi spicy tuna, egg, tomatoes, and salted egg. Need an extra-large serving of their food? Recovery Food’s bowls come in two sizes; the Regular and the cheekily named Full Recovery.

3. Jamba Juice

Image: Jamba Juice

Want something to wash away the after taste of alcohol but don’t want anything that might unsettle your stomach? Go for fruit bowls packed with all those good-for-your-health ingredients to replenish your system. Jamba Juice may be known for its fruit shakes, but it’s also a good place to drop by if you’re craving for breakfast bowls! You can choose from a variety of energy bowls filled with a nutritious blend of real whole fruit, Greek yoghurt, and dry toppings, but our ultimate favorite is the Mixed Berry Bowl filled with banana (which is said to be good for hangovers, btw) strawberry, blueberry, greek yoghurt, soymilk, and granola. 

4. Pancake House

Image: Pancake House

We’re not really sure if there’s any scientific explanation behind this, but one of the best things to eat—at least for us—after drinking is a huge plate of breakfast food. Our trusty silogs are great and all, but if you’re not craving for rice, the next best things you can get are pancakes and waffles. Pancake House obviously is a pro at these, with a menu packed with different variations of these fluffy and crunchy creations. Our favorites? The Caramel Banana Walnut waffle and pancakes! Hey, if you think about it, there’s fruit in them, which is still good for a hangover, right? 

5. Goto Believe

Image: Goto Believe

Feeling queasy and wanting something that can warm up your stomach? A bowl of steaming goto can be your cure! We love the bowls at Goto Believe, a quirky stop that lets you customize your steaming bowl of rice stew! Be prepared to be faced with a LOT of options when you order—for one, you can choose between wet and dry goto as your base, and that’s only the first step! Goto Believe lets you choose from an overwhelming list of toppings, from the classic hard-boiled egg to poached egg for your bowl. What really makes this place interesting, however, is their selection of grilled and deep-fried toppings. You can opt to have isaw ng manok, chicharong bulaklak, and even bagnet on your bowl! Extra points for their creative name too, of course. 

6. Pares Retiro

Image: Pares Retiro

Alcohol and pares is the sort of combination that is up there in the ranks of cookies and warm milk. They are one. Synonymous with each other. Period. Pares Retiro is a good place to visit if you’re searching for a place with good Filipino soul food. You can almost find everything here, from dumplings, sizzling plates, and noodles. Obviously, their pares are the real star of the show, with each serving of rice topped with juicy slabs of beef soaked through and through with savory sauce. Unlike other places offering the fare, Pares Retiro’s version doesn’t have much sabaw on it, but that only makes each serving more flavorful to the palate. Try their silog meals too when you visit! 

7. Green Pastures

Image: Green Pastures

Binging on alcohol can naturally leave you feeling guilty, so why not compensate by visiting a place that specializes in health food like Green Pastures after? The place offers all things good and green with its organic menu perfect for brunch aka the time you wake up after a wild night of drinking. One of our favorites is the seasonal Huervos Rancheros, a saucy plate of chopped tomatoes, sunny side up, tortilla, and fried beans topped with avocado. Now you probably don’t know this, but avocado is actually one of the best foods for hangovers because it replenishes the potassium in the body, an essential electrolyte that we lose when we drink. Another good option with this little green on the menu is the Green Smoothie Bowl which is filled with bananas, kale, muesli, chia seeds, Batangas honey, and almond milk. 

8. Early Bird Breakfast Club

Image: Early Bird

Breakfast—or brunch—is your saving grace after a whole night of drinking (and bad decisions, probably, LOL). Replenish your energy by getting delicious morning bites at Early Bird Breakfast Club, a place that has turned our favorite morning spread favorites into IG-worthy plates. We are definitely HERE for their Yin & Yang Champorado which masterfully combines sweet and savory with its rich Belgian dark and white chocolate and serving of sweet toasted dilis on the side. Want something heavier? Go for their Sweet & Spicy Tuyo plate instead! 

9. North Park Noodle House

Image: North Park

Never underestimate the power of a steaming bowl of noodle soup after a night of drinking. Calm your stomach with a trusty serving of noodles from a place like North Park which specializes in serving good bowls and plates of Chinese food. Ordering a bowl of their Nanking Beef and Wanton noodles is like hitting two birds with one stone—not only can you fill up in carbs after chugging down nothing but alcohol the night before, you also get a hot soup that can help ease the somersaults in your stomach. You can choose between their Light to Regular bowls depending on how hungry you are. 

10. Go! Salads

Image: Go! Salads

Munching on greens might be the last thing on your mind when you have a hangover, but if you’re really set on injecting something a little bit more nutritious in your body, then go for something easier to swallow—like in blended form to be more specific. We love Go! Salads Breakfast Smoothie which is a mix of apple, banana, coco sugar, chia seeds, greens, soy milk, and cinnamon. Don’t want anything too complicated? Ease your stomach’s rumbling with their freshly brewed cold Vanilla Lemongrass or Peppermint Lemonbalm herbal teas instead! 


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