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Secret Recipe Cakes & Cafe Set to Open this February at One Ayala Mall

Secret Recipe Cakes & Café will unveil its newest location at One Ayala Mall this February.

Prepare your taste buds for an exquisite journey as Secret Recipe prepares to unveil its latest gem at One Ayala Mall this February! After delighting palates across Asia with its delectable cuisine and fine quality cakes, Secret Recipe is all set to charm Manila with its first-ever restaurant concept under The Bistro Group. The much-anticipated arrival of The Bistro Group’s newest gem offers an exquisite fusion of Asian-Western cuisine paired with an assortment of finely crafted cakes.

Originating in Malaysia in 1997, Secret Recipe has woven its culinary magic across Asia, boasting 440 branches. This culinary haven is anything but covert, capturing the hearts of food enthusiasts with its diverse menu and, of course, its renowned fine quality cakes.

This ‘not-so-secret’ cake shop and café chain that originated in Malaysia in 1997 has been delighting the palate of guests and has extended its reach to 440 branches in Asia, spreading the café’s good vibes and great menu.

Embark on a gastronomic adventure with a menu that sings with multi-cultural influences. From the aromatic Laksa to the rich flavors of Beef Rendang, the choices are abundant. Savor the tantalizing Fried Rice with Chicken Satay or indulge in the succulence of the Irish Lamb Shank. The journey doesn’t end there; Secret Recipe presents an array of decadent cakes like Hokkaido Triple Cheese Chocolate, Butterfly Pea Lemon, Black Forest Milo Cheesecake, and the indulgent Absolute Durian. Each slice is a harmonious blend of flavors, expertly layered to achieve perfection.

Complementing these delights are handcrafted beverages that elevate the dining experience. Sip on the refreshing Peppermint Mojito Serenity or bask in the aromatic notes of Cherry Blush Harmony. Signature drinks like Citrus Sea of Blue Tea, Pop of Berry Delight, Caramel Matcha, Chocolate Oreo Smores, and Espresso Ecstasy add a delightful twist to any meal.


The ambiance at Secret Recipe is a visual feast, drawing inspiration from the original Malaysian stores but with a chic twist. Modern contemporary interiors beckon with a touch of whimsy, highlighted by a captivating series of pinkish-red petals suspended from the ceiling. Real terrazzo countertops and oak wood veneer-stained finishes complete the picture, creating a cozy, bright, and undeniably Instagrammable space.

The Bistro Group’s signature friendly and accommodating service ensures that every visit is not just a meal but an experience. The seamless blend of ambiance, cuisine, and attentive service creates an inviting atmosphere, perfect for moments of laughter and casual camaraderie.

Whether it’s catching up with friends, sealing business deals, studying, or simply seeking a homely respite, Secret Recipe is the place to be. Let time slip away as you relish a delicious meal, sip on a cup of coffee, and savor a well-deserved slice of cake. Follow the culinary journey on Instagram @thebistrogroup and @secretrecipeph for sneak peeks and updates.

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