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Elevate Your Gatherings with foodpanda’s Platter Meals Extravaganza

Elevate your gatherings with foodpanda's Platter Meals Extravaganza, featuring a delectable selection of dishes perfect for sharing and celebrating any occasion.

Get unlimited food options as foodpanda is packed with big group meals that satisfy your cravings and level up your group bonding into something extraordinary. A touch of a little indulgence won’t hurt – we say “deserve!”

For office meetings or catch-ups

A big yay, with BIG Guys! Pizza or maybe cheers, with CoCo’s milk tea selection for your office meetings or milestones! Sip and bite a burst of energy into the office vibe. Use the voucher code EATNA for a ₱100 discount on food delivery, making your office experience even more satisfying.

For the festive feels 

Enjoy the festive tastes of Mang Inasal with your ka-barangays and kapitbahay. Come together in a fiesta atmosphere, indulging in the savory delights of Mang Inasal’s Fiesta Group Meals. Good food like this can turn ordinary days into festive celebrations. As an exclusive treat, use the voucher code MIDEL to enjoy a delightful ₱100 off on your food delivery order. Don’t miss this chance for an extra touch of savings!

For when you need a study break

Heading for a group project or study session? Swing by the store for some coffee to treat your groupmates or study buddies. Check out the cool drinks at Pick-up Coffee. Just go to the foodpanda app, select pick-up, and snag a sweet ₱120 off with the exclusive voucher code PICKUPNA. Sip, share, and ace that project or test!

For home-y family celebrations 

Shifting the spirit of gathering towards familiar tastes and childhood nostalgia, celebrate anniversaries and birthdays with Manam’s Super Benta Box and Lydia’s Lechon Family Boxes – because what’s a family celebration without homemade meals and special lechon?


Timing matters for your handaan! Make your celebration even more special with ₱100 off. Use code MERIENDA for food delivery or DINNER for pick-up orders. Cheers to love, laughter, and unforgettable moments! Cheers!

For a sponty hangout sesh

When friends unite for a casual get-together, Potato Corner is always the go-to. Flavored Fries Tera becomes the centerpiece of laughter-filled conversations. An ode to friendship, transforming a simple gathering into a feast of flavors and shared moments. Use the exclusive voucher code  PANDAPICK to enjoy a generous ₱120 off your food delivery order for a more delightful encounter.

So, why settle for an ordinary meal when foodpanda’s platter meals await, promising a food  adventure that spans the diverse landscapes of taste? It’s not just about ordering; it’s about crafting moments, strengthening bonds, and creating memories one delicious platter at a time. Dive into the feast – your extraordinary meal experience is just a click away on the foodpanda app!

For more information about foodpanda and the incredible offers available, visit the official website at Also like and follow the official social media accounts on FacebookInstagramTwitterTiktokand Youtube.

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