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Gusto: A Celebration of Mediterranean Food and Culture with Doña Elena

Gusto: A Celebration of Mediterranean Food and Culture with Doña Elena" is a vibrant exploration of Mediterranean cuisine and culture in collaboration with Doña Elena.

When it comes to Mediterranean food and culture, a new level of experience awaits. As one of the highly influential types of cuisine primarily for its abundant use of plant-based ingredients, it’s also widely celebrated for using the century-old olive oil in its various recipes. From fresh salads, flavorful dips, and sauces, to made-from-scratch stews and soups, olive oil is a staple ingredient that makes the Mediterranean one of the healthiest in the world.

As a market leader of olive oil and Mediterranean products in the Philippines, Doña Elena proudly celebrates its rich heritage of flavor and passion in a one-night exclusive event attended by VIP guests from Fly Ace Corporation‘s national trade partners and media. The sensational evening celebrates the rich heritage of Mediterranean flavors and Spain’s old-world culinary history, with Gusto as the main theme to highlight Doña Elena’s success in the country.


A true feast for the senses, the journey begins with a buffet featuring famous tapas specialties. A culinary tradition in Spain celebrated in different parts of the world, the section is a grand display of assorted meats, cheeses, nuts, crackers, and a voluptuous whole Iberico Ham as the iconic centerpiece.

The sit-down buffet dinner is a gastronomic journey that begins with an appetizer trio, which is a rendition of bite-sized tuna tartare in pani puri, eggplant caviar, and grilled pulpo. Laden in chimichurri and bonito aioli sauces, these dishes are generously infused with Doña Elena olive oil to enliven their Mediterranean flavor.


Nothing beats a comforting Tomato Soup with simple and quality ingredients to bring to life its heartwarming flavor. Smooth and creamy, it’s a welcoming treat made from a puree with Doña Elena diced tomatoes and Doña Elena olive oil.

Collaborating for the restaurateur and Terraza Martinez Executive Chef Luis Martinez. The Presa Iberica de Cerdo is a buttery soft premium pork tenderloin and an epic favorite for its next-level marbling. Followed by the show-stopping duck confit, foie gras, and Spanish Bomba Rice dish, reflecting Chef Luis’ Valencian roots. “The main course elegantly combines the flavorful tradition of passionate Spanish cuisine and commitment to quality ingredients,” says Chef Luis.

What better way to end the feast than a classic favorite Basque Cheesecake with added apricot and pistachio for a balance of fruity and nutty taste? Its rich caramel crust and creamy texture are a crowd favorite and captivate the sweet spot of dessert lovers.


As a tribute to Spain’s art, culture, and music, guests were treated to an exclusive Flamenco show from an ensemble flown directly from Spain.

“Flamenco is considered one of the icons of Spanish culture, which evokes so much passion and energy.

Every stomp, strum of the guitar, and clap of the singer’s hands is a testament to Spain’s rich history and complex roots. We just knew that our special dinner is best enjoyed with one of Spain’s most exhilarating art forms to give a full experience,” says Marketing Director Zen Prudentino.

The thrilling flamenco entertainment showcased different styles of flamenco, transporting the audience to the land of Andalusia. A true feast for the senses, the entertainment brought energy and delight to the guests, the ideal setting for a show-stopping celebration.


Fly Ace Corporation’s vision of bringing the best of the world with healthy Mediterranean flavors at its core, Doña Elena’s humble beginnings is one of the company milestones that proved to be pivotal in Filipino cooking.

A trusted name in the Philippines, Doña Elena is a household staple with a wide selection of Mediterranean products. Doña Elena Olive Oil was first introduced in the Philippines with its 3 variants – extra virgin, pure, and pomace. Since then, the brand has continuously expanded its product range with Mediterranean staples, sourced from Spain and all over the world, and brought to the Filipino household. To this day, Doña Elena Olive Oil continuously reigns supreme as the no. 1 olive oil brand in the country, trusted by both chefs and home cooks.

For Fly Ace Corporation President Jun Cochanco, the brand is a symbol of passion and innovation, with its partners and stakeholders as a big part of their success. “Over the years, we’ve cultivated and grown the brand into what it is today, the number 1 Mediterranean brand in the country. As a consistent no.1 brand in the country for over 12 years, I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank our great partners and stakeholders. We couldn’t have done this without you. We are proud to say that Doña Elena is a brand that stands for authentic Mediterranean quality and I can promise that we will continue to invest in the brand and create value in your categories.”

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