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Warm Up Your January with Starbucks Philippines’ New 2024 Collection

Discover Starbucks Philippines' cozy winter selections for FY24.

As the chilly air of January settles in, Starbucks Philippines welcomes the season with a heartwarming selection of winter beverages and treats. Starting January 3, 2024, Starbucks stores across the country are transforming into havens of warmth and comfort, offering a range of delightful drinks and food items perfect for the season.

Starbucks’ Winter Beverage Bliss

Honey Plum Pure Matcha Latte

Experience the delicate blend of fruity and earthy flavors with the Honey Plum Pure Matcha Latte. This beverage combines the subtle sweetness of honey plum with the rich, velvety taste of matcha, topped with a cloud of plum cold foam and a sprinkle of sweet plum.

Vienna Creamy Latte

Indulge in the creamy richness of the Vienna Creamy Latte, a fusion of Starbucks’ signature espresso with vanilla mascarpone cheese, topped with a drizzle of mocha sauce and a cloud of mascarpone cheese foam.


NEW! Coconut Double Mocha Macchiato

Savor the tropical twist of the Coconut Double Mocha Macchiato, a luscious blend of espresso, white mocha sauce, and coconut milk, finished with a mocha drizzle for an indulgent treat.

Pair Your Sips with Winter Treats


Delight in the Mango Float Cake, a buttery cake layered with mango mousse and crunchy meringue, topped with mango buttercream icing.

My Valentine Doughnut

The My Valentine Doughnut is a soft, fluffy treat filled with creamy vanilla custard, perfect for pairing with your favorite Starbucks beverage.

Acai Berry Bowl Cheesecake

For a fruity indulgence, try the Acai Berry Bowl Cheesecake, layered with acai berry and blueberry cheesecake, topped with a luscious mousse.

Starbucks Winter Merchandise Collection

Guardian Dragon and 2024 Zodiac Collection

Embrace the Year of the Dragon with Starbucks’ Guardian Dragon and Zodiac Collection, featuring mugs and lifestyle items inspired by this majestic creature.

Philippine Exclusive! FY24 Coffee and Tea Tumbler

Reduce your environmental footprint with the stylish and practical FY24 Coffee and Tea Tumbler, complete with 10 FREE Tall vouchers for your favorite beverages.

Every city has its own captivating characteristics. What better way to capture each fascinating and majestic scenic views and festivities in the area than our PH exclusive festive mugs. 

Starbucks’ Single-Origin Coffee Selection

Starbucks® Single-Origin Guatemala Casi Cielo™

Discover the floral aromatics and citrus notes of the Guatemala Casi Cielo™, a single-origin coffee sourced from Guatemala’s high-altitude volcanic region.

Starbucks® Single-Origin Honduras Marcala

Taste the dedication of Honduran coffee farmers in every cup of Honduras Marcala, with its orange blossom and macadamia nut notes.

Starbucks Reserve™ Costa Rica Tres Rios

Enjoy the rich flavors of Hazelnut Chocolate and Cara Cara Orange in the Starbucks Reserve™ Costa Rica Tres Rios, a testament to the resilience of Costa Rican coffee farmers.

Starbucks Rewards Card: Year of the Dragon

Celebrate the Year of the Dragon with the exclusive Starbucks Rewards Card, available at all stores with a minimum activation of Php 300.

Starbucks Philippines‘ winter selections for FY24 are not just about comfort; they’re an invitation to savor the season’s beauty. Whether it’s through a warm cup of coffee, a delightful snack, or a unique piece of merchandise, Starbucks is ready to make your winter captivatingly cozy. Visit your nearest Starbucks store or order online to experience the joy of winter with Starbucks!

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