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Taste of Singapore: FairPrice’s Renowned Snacks Launching in the Philippines Soon!

Singapore's grocery gem, FairPrice Group, introduces award-winning snacks to the Philippines. Discover diverse chip flavors and globally-sourced nuts in Manila's top supermarkets.

The renowned FairPrice Group (FPG), Singapore’s grocery giant, unveiled plans to delight Filipino tastebuds with its renowned range of snacks. By the year’s final quarter, Metro Manila’s leading supermarkets will stock FairPrice’s signature potato chips, roasted nuts, and more.

Singapore Ambassador to the Philippines Constance See graces the booth of FairPrice, Singapore’s largest retailer, at Singaporium 2023 in SM  Aura in Taguig City. (L-R) Jonathan Young, FairPrice Consultant (International Business); Grace Chua, CEO of FairPrice Own Brands Food Solutions; and Hock Yam, FairPrice Director (International Business).

A Sneak Peek at Singaporium 2023

For those who attended Singaporium last month, they’ve already had the pleasure. From August 18th to 27th, attendees sampled a rich array of FairPrice’s gourmet offerings, from decadent Truffle Potato Chips to a selection of perfectly roasted nuts.

Symphony of Flavors: FairPrice Potato Chips

Crafted with precision and passion, FairPrice Potato Chips use only 100% fresh potatoes to bring to life a flavorful symphony. With an ensemble of seven flavors, including the classic salted Original, aromatic Truffle, tangy Sour Cream, zesty Black Pepper, fiery Hot & Spicy, creamy Cheese, and smoky BBQ, there’s a melody for every palate. Notably, the FairPrice Truffle Chips bagged the prestigious title of Retail Product of the Year at the 2023 Retail Asia Awards.

Nuts About Quality: FairPrice’s Nut Collection

No snack venture is complete without a dose of healthful nuts. FairPrice’s collection of Almonds, Cashews, and Pistachios have been sourced from prime locations worldwide, ensuring unparalleled quality. These cholesterol-free treasures are perfect standalone munchies or as flavor-packed ingredients in culinary creations.

Snacking, The Filipino Way

Grace Chua, the dynamo behind Own Brands Food Solutions at FairPrice Group, emphasized the Filipino love for quality and taste. “It is our honour to offer Filipinos our FairPrice Group’s high quality and delicious snacks. For Filipinos, snacks are more than delicious treats, they’re also a way of life and a way of injecting fiber and nutrition into their diets. From high quality nuts, sourced globally from the USA to Asia, Filipinos can enjoy healthy snacking with FairPriceNuts. As Filipinos look for tasty snacks, FairPrice potato chips in exciting flavours such as truffle and black pepper are now an alternative to traditional snacks like chicharron.”


Filipino food enthusiasts have much to anticipate with FairPrice Group’s imminent entry. Bringing a taste of Singapore to the Philippines, these gourmet delights are set to carve a niche in the Philippines’ vibrant snack market. Whether it’s the enticing aroma of truffle chips or the natural goodness of roasted nuts, there’s no doubt that this flavorful journey, straight from the heart of Singapore, will be one to remember. Get ready, snack lovers, for a culinary adventure unlike any other.

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