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Red Ribbon Unveils Caramel Delight Cake: A Must-Try Creamy Cake Sensation

Indulge in Red Ribbon's newest Caramel Delight Cake - the dreamy fusion of light chiffon and creamy caramel for every sweet tooth's delight.

There’s always that one dessert that makes your day a tad brighter and fills your taste buds with joy. If you’re on the hunt for a dessert that’s both a feast for the eyes and a symphony for the palate, the spotlight is now on Red Ribbon‘s latest masterpiece: The Caramel Delight Cake!

Unveiling the Elegance: Crafted with Passion

Ever pondered the art of a cake? With Red Ribbon’s Caramel Delight Cake, you’ll be smitten not only by its taste but its artistry too. The golden caramel icing accentuating the cake’s contours exudes sophistication, while atop, delicate icing droplets mirror airy clouds, centered with a glossy caramel drizzle. A slice reveals an art inside: fluffy chiffon embraced by cream-hued layers, a sight to behold and savor.

Taste the Clouds: Soft Meets Sweet

Each slice of the Caramel Delight Cake melts in your mouth thanks to the soft chiffon layered with creamy icing. The cake’s outer icing offers a light texture that complements the softness of the chiffon, and the caramel syrup and cream toppings that adorn the cake give it the perfect creamy caramel taste that’s light and satisfying. If you’re looking for a cake that will leave you coming back for more, this is the delightful offering for you!

Perfect for Every Moment

Whether you’re looking for a solo treat or something to grace your festive occasions, this cake has got you covered. From birthdays to holidays, from personal indulgences to grand celebrations, this caramel creation fits just right.

Ready for the Delight?

Ready for a slice of heaven? Your caramel dream is closer than you think! The Caramel Delight Cake awaits at your nearest Red Ribbon store. With attractive price points of Php 479 for the Junior size and Php 669 for the Regular size, this indulgence is just a call or click away. Order through the Red Ribbon delivery website, their dedicated app, the ever-reliable delivery hotline at #87777, or your favorite food delivery apps, including Grab Food and Foodpanda.


Desserts have a magical way of turning ordinary moments into memorable ones. With Red Ribbon’s new Caramel Delight Cake, you’re not just biting into a cake; you’re savoring a sensation. Cheers to sweet memories!

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