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Pampanga Chefs Dennis Lim and Judy Uson Partner with Rockwellist for Unprecedented Confection Flavors

Tibuk-Tibuk, Pastillas, and Shing-a-ling with chocolate? In a bar? Trust the adventurous Kapampangans to come up with culinary surprises. Experience a sweet journey into Pampanga's unique flavors with Rockwell's Pampanga Series Confections.

As the Rockwell community at Nepo Center continues to establish its presence, the brand unveils its exciting new Pampanga Series Confections. Notable Pampanga-based chefs Dennis Lim of the acclaimed Denlim’s Kitchen, Judy Uson from the beloved local restaurant Cafe Noelle, and Christian Valdes of CMV Txokolat have joined forces to offer Rockwellists a mouthwatering immersion into the culinary capital’s unique flavors.

A Harmonious Culinary Symphony

Together, Lim and Uson harmonize local Pampangan food favorites with CMV’s luscious chocolate, resulting in a blend that is both soothing and delightful. Every chocolate bar they craft is an intriguing, sensational, and exquisite experience.

Tangy and Crunchy Shing-a-ling

Imagine the snack-time favorite Shing-a-ling and the ever-present Kasoy mixed into a chocolate bar. The result is a tangy, crunchy, rich, and nutty taste sensation. This distinctive blend offers a textural contrast that will leave you reaching for another piece, much like your favorite bag of chips.

Tropical Treat: Pastillas de Calamansi

Next up is the Pastillas de Calamansi, a refreshing twist on the classic pastillas. The citrusy tones of calamansi are masterfully offset by the creamy sweetness of pastillas, offering a delight that truly embodies a tropical indulgence.

A Nostalgic Bite: Champorado Bar

For those yearning for a taste of childhood, Dennis Lim’s Champorado Bar is a must. By transforming the beloved champorado into a chocolate bar, Lim has created a treat packed with rich chocolate flavor and subtle hints of rice, a thrilling tribute to a well-loved breakfast fare.


Velvet Delight: Tibuk-Tibuk

Judy Uson’s famous Tibuk-Tibuk again steals the show. Its velvety texture and superb taste flawlessly balance the bold flavors that define The Rockwellist Confections’ Pampanga Series.

The Upcoming Delicacy: L.A. Cheesebread Bar

Soon to join the lineup is the L.A. Cheesebread bar. Drawing inspiration from the popular Pampangan baked good, this bar fuses the buttery delight of cheese bread with the indulgent sweetness of chocolate. This creation promises to ignite a craving like no other.

A Celebration of Filipino Flavors

Each creation in this collection narrates a story, rejoicing in the Philippines’ vibrant flavors and traditions, while daringly exploring the frontiers of taste and texture. These confections present an opportunity for Rockwellists to savor the diverse Kapampangan palate as the brand expands its presence here.

Through Rockwell at Nepo Center, the property developer has partnered with the Nepomuceno family to establish a mixed-use community replete with residential and retail spaces, including the first-ever Power Plant Mall outside Makati. Two residential towers—The Manansala and The BenCab—are currently offered within this thriving development in Angeles City.

Whether you’re a dessert aficionado or merely on the hunt for a sweet treat to satisfy your craving, The Rockwellist Confections Pampanga Series pays homage to the region’s rich culture and promises a flavor journey that will tantalize your senses and leave you craving for more. Don’t miss out on this culinary adventure – order them today at shop The Rockwellist or drop by their pop-up at the R1 Level of Power Plant Mall.

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