Let The Good Times Bloom at Starbucks: Indulge in the Sweetness of Spring 2023!

Head to your nearest Starbucks outlet to experience the ultimate springtime indulgence.

Let the good times bloom! Spring has arrived, and with it comes the promise of warmer weather, longer days, and a sense of hope for a return to normalcy. As people step outside to refresh their routines and reconnect with nature and each other, Starbucks invites you to Let The Good Times Bloom with their new seasonal offers.


At Starbucks, you can now customize the sweetness of your favorite beverages with the Syrup Deconstruction offer. Specifically designed for Vanilla Latte, Caramel Macchiato, and Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew, you can choose from three different sweetness levels – Not Sweet, Less Sweet, or Regular – for a guilt-free satisfaction. (*Select beverages only, please check in-store for availability).

This season, Starbucks is bringing back some of their most beloved springtime treats.

The Napoleones is a light, buttery, and flaky pastry filled with smooth and creamy vanilla custard cream drizzled with glazed sugar. It’s the perfect pairing for a Caffé Latte.


The Sakura Doughnut is a light and fluffy doughnut glazed with floral pink chocolate ganache, best enjoyed with a Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew.

The Takoyaki Bun is a soft and chewy bun filled with diced octopus and takoyaki sauce, perfect when paired with Cold Foam Iced Espresso.

For those who crave a touch of sweetness, the Strawberry Pistachio Crepe Cake is a must-try. It’s a smooth layer of paper-thin crepes with creamy strawberry crème chantilly and smooth pistachio crème fraiche, best enjoyed with a Vanilla Latte.

Meanwhile, the Mango Coco Sans Rival Cheesecake is a marriage of two desserts – chewy to soft sans rival layered with smooth and creamy NY cheesecake loaded with mangoes, iced with mango buttercream and finished with crushed roasted almonds. It’s the perfect complement to an Iced Caffé Americano.

For plant-based options, Starbucks has the No Tuna Melt, which is vegan-friendly and made with plant-based fish and cheese, on toasted high-fiber bread. Hey it is VEGAN-friendly and best enjoyed with Cold Brew.



This season’s Spring collection takes inspiration from a romantic stroll at the amusement park while the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. The collection features assorted serveware of mugs and tumblers in a variety of pink and purple tones.


For Philippine customers, Starbucks is launching an exclusive range of reusable cups in both hot and cold variants, inspired by the Sakura season. It’s a beautiful way to support sustainability and reduce single-use plastic waste.

Also exclusive in the Philippines with a purchase limit of one (1) piece per customer per day only.

To add to our adorable locally developed reusables, Starbucks have a Cold Cup bling in a gorgeous grape color that complements our romantic colors of pink and purple. 


Available in whole bean, origami, and via format

Spring comes to life, waking senses of renewal and vitality. We breathe and indulge ourselves in a harmonious bloom of fragrances and flavors. Sourced from around the world – Papua New Guinea, Colombia, East Africa and Sumatra, this coffee is a timeless favorite featuring notes of dark cherry and cedary spice. It is a perfect cup for sharing with your friends and loved ones during this season of new beginnings.


Since its debut in 2011, Starbucks Tribute Blend has celebrated the incredible variety found throughout the world of coffee. This year’s blend features four of our favorite origins: herbal Sumatra, chocolaty Colombia, spicy Papua New Guinea and fruit-forward Ethiopia. Four distinct notes in perfect harmony, brought out using a range of processing techniques tuned to each coffee. Highlighting the sweet expressions of each origin, this blend sings, “Here’s to coffee”. We hope you’ll join us in raising a cup


Fourteen years ago, 35 farmers in the Corquín region of Honduras formed a collective. Their goal: to put their country on the specialty-coffee map. Today, CAFICO (Café Finos Corquín) has more than 660 members proudly dedicated to exporting extraordinary coffees. With a cupping lab and multiple technicians in place to oversee certifications and quality control, both the coffees and the lives of those who grow them continue to improve. Their efforts are captured in this sweet, lively cup, exemplifying the bright future of Honduran coffee.
Flavor Profile: Golden Berry and Cacao Juice 
First offered in 2018

Starbucks’ Spring 2023 collection is a delightful celebration of the season. From customized beverages to returning favorites and beautiful merchandise, Starbucks has everything you need to Let The Good Times Bloom. So, why not head to your nearest Starbucks and savor the taste of spring?

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