J.Co’s Island Paradise Selections Add Sweetness to Your Summer Memories

Quench your thirst with the Iced Peach Smurf and indulge in their Lemon Breeze donut!

What’s your idea of the perfect summer? 

Whether it’s a day spent at the shore, a quick surf or an adventure surrounded by nature, there is truly nothing more comforting than creating memories under the sun. You know what they say, summer is a state of mind and with J.Co’s limited edition Island Paradise selections, your best summer memories are yet to come. 

Quench your thirst with the Iced Peach Smurf, a refreshing drink that bursts with tasty peach blended with butterfly pea flower tea extract which comes in UNO (Php140), DUE (Php155) and TRE Php170. Best paired with the Lemon Breeze donut, get ready to bite into a soft, cream cheese goodness dipped in white chocolate and garnished to perfection with lemon drizzle. 

Create your very own summer story with J.Co! For more details, follow J.Co on Facebook and Instagram.


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