Meraki: A New Restaurant in MOA Square Serving Elevated Greek Cuisine

Meraki transports its customers to the rich history of Greece with its elevated Greek cuisine!

Do you miss traveling? Meraki will transport you to the rich history of Greece with its elevated Greek cuisine! A modern Greek work used to describe doing something with passion, soul, and creativity, Meraki offers this exact experience when you dine.

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Looking to have a leisurely brunch? Their Smashed Avocado has halloumi cheese, poached eggs, and toasted sourdough. The flavors are diverse, from subtle to robust, healthy to hearty. For instance, the quintessential, Beef Moussaka. One of the most recognizable Greek dishes, it is made hearty and flavorful with layers of beef, eggplant, and potato and topped with a decadent sauce. 

Meraki also has the Salmon Tzatziki, fresh salmon lightly pan-seared, served with crunchy asparagus and fresh thyme. Their Lemon Chicken is pan-seared chicken on a bed of potatoes, oregano, lemon, and fresh thyme. For meat lovers, the Filet Mignon is served with herb butter, olive tapenade, grated cured egg yolk, and peppercorn sauce.

The Chocolate Lava Cake is a chocoholic’s a dream come true, served with almond dacquoise, vanilla bean ice cream, and dehydrated strawberry. And for those looking for healthy drinks, their freshly-squeezed juices have refreshing variants – from the crowd-favorite orange juice to their special Immune Booster that has green apple, cucumber, celery, kale, lemon, and ginger, and their Tropical Sunrise with watermelon, pineapple, passionfruit, and orange.  


Meraki is located at MOA Square, Seashell Lane, Mall of Asia Complex. Follow Meraki on Facebook and Instagram to get the latest on this new exciting concept.

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