8 Simple Pasta Recipes You Can Easily Master with Doña Elena Al Dente Pasta

These easy-to-cook pasta dishes will surely elevate mealtime with your loved ones!

If cooking at home doesn’t come easy, don’t fret: Doña Elena Al Dente Pasta is a pantry staple that any home cook can turn to when looking for an easy-to-cook yet still impressive dish for your loved ones. So whether you’re thinking of shipping them off with love, cooking for impromptu guests, or simply being intentional about cooking more healthily at home as a part of your New Year’s resolution, these recipe ideas have you covered. 


Marasigans’ Midnight Pasta with Tuna, Spinach, and Pancetta

Nothing dark nor bland about this 25-minute recipe, as this pasta dish, is as inviting as your morning coffee. Using breakfast staples like tuna and bacon, the additional pancetta makes this dish a protein-packed recipe and not to mention, an excellent source of healthy fats from Doña Elena Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  

Eat Well Pinas Aligue Pasta

Calling all aligue lovers who are also partial to the briny flavors of tuna: this recipe is the answer to those cravings. Using Doña Elena Penne Rigatte is perfect for creamy and saucy recipes, you can serve this rich one-pot meal in just a few minutes, this one-pot recipe is everything you need when you only have 30 minutes flat. 



Our Daily Ulam’s Seafood Pasta

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Light yet hearty, quick but still satisfying. Let your guests have a taste of the sea with Doña Elena Linguine Pasta that’s perfect for light and delicate seafood recipes. 

Panay Gutom’s Tuna Spinach White Sauce Lasagna

Packed with creamy and rich umami goodness, this white lasagna recipe got tons of flavor and a decadent definition of comfort food. Best of all, both kids and adults will surely love it!

Tuna Tomato Penne Pasta

Meet another go-to lasagna version with all the good stuff: cheese, mushroom, and herbs. Since it has red pasta sauce, this classic version provides a delicious contrast to its creamy counterparts. 


Simple Mediterranean Pasta 

If dinner means lighter, satisfying, and still won’t ruin your clean-eating routine, this recipe is for you. 

Belle’s Kitchen Crunchy Garlic Tuna

Why does ground pork get all the love when cooking lasagna if there’s another protein-packed, omega 3-rich alternative you should try like Doña Elena Tuna? Additionally, this version will surely appease all the garlic-lovers at your dinner table. 

Ricca’s Craving Tuna Lasagna with White Sauce

If looking for a lasagna version that possesses plenty of melted cheddar, parmesan, and mozzarella, look no further than this recipe. While it takes one hour to make, this recipe is guaranteed with a restaurant-quality appeal and still remains tasty the day after!

There’s no denying that pasta is a no-fail dish that can be cooked in many ways. But what better way to make it more inviting by taking it up a notch with Doña Elena Al Dente? It pulls flavors with Italy’s most-prized bronze die-cut technique that creates a rough surface with ridges on the pasta. Less starch but packed with protein, it’s also made with 100 percent durum wheat semolina that provides its “firm to the bite” result after cooking! If you’re preparing this as a part of a holiday feast, Doña Elena Tuna is the perfect pair for almost different types of pasta recipes. Guaranteed without MSG, extenders, or preservatives but still tastes indulgent!

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