10 New Restaurants To Try At Greenhills, San Juan

For many of us Metro Manila folk, Greenhills is just one of those places everyone has fond memories of. It's been a well-known destination for shopping and dining for decades now, and we've gotta say, it has aged pretty well. In case you haven't been to Greenhills in a while, let us be the first to tell you that it got a GLOW UP this year. Many areas have been revamped, making space for new stores and restaurants that are sure to become go-tos for families and friends who love to visit the area. Here are some of the new dining spots you can now find at the beloved Greenhills. 

Meat Depot

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A butcher and kitchen combined, Meat Depot aims to bring quality meats at fair prices to customers. You can choose the cut of meat you want, and they'll make sure its cooked to your liking, with a variety of sauces, sides, and drinks to complete the meal. You can also buy cuts of steak to take home! And it's not all beef here; you can order many different kinds of protein like grilled liempo, salmon steak, sausages, thick-cut bacon, and many more. 

Find Meat Depot at 2/F, OSquare 2! 

The Alley 

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Image: The Alley Philippines

Once word got out that The Alley, a well-known milk tea shop from Taiwan, was opening in Manila, boba fans went crazy! The Alley's Greenhills branch is their fourth branch in the metro. Their most popular drinks are from the Brown Sugar Deerioca Series— aside from the usual brown sugar milk drink, they also offer Cococa Brown Sugar Deerioca Milk (P130) and a Matcha flavored one as well (P130). They also have the Premium Milk Tea Series for those who prefer the traditional stronger tea flavor. 

Get your fix at G/F, OSquare 2! 

Ramen Nagi

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Image: Ramen Nagi Manila

This well-loved ramen joint is now open in Greenhills! Customize your Ramen Nagi order to your liking, from the toppings, spice level, firmness of noodles, and much more. It’s perfect for people who like their food made a certain way or like to experiment with different combinations! While the Original King Butao (P390), Black King (P410), Red King (P410), and Green King (P410) are constants on the menu, Ramen Nagi also comes up with limited edition flavors depending on the season. Try ordering some Chicken Karaage (P250-300) or Gyoza (P220) to go with your fave ramen! 

Drop by their branch at G/F, OSquare 2. 

Black Sheep Coffee

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Image: Black Sheep Coffee (Manila)

This specialty grade coffee shop goes by the saying, "Leave the herd behind." Black Sheep Coffee originated in London, and the Greenhills branch is their second one in Manila. Black Sheep uses 4 kinds of coffee beans in their drinks: Robusta Revival, Blue Volcano, Rebel Decaf, and Love Berries. Ask their friendly baristas which one would best suit your taste! Their signature beverage is the Black Hoof Coffee (P200/small, P220/medium, P250/large) that has milk and a dash of cinnamon. Not only do they serve excellent coffee, but they have plenty of food, pastries, and desserts on the menu as well! 

Have a cup of Black Sheep Coffee at G/F, OSquare 2!

Tittos Latin BBQ & Brew

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Image: Tittos Latin BBQ & Brew

We know where you're having your next celebration! Tittos Latin BBQ & Brew is a great place to dine with groups of family or friends, with food that's inspired by both Filipino and Latin American flavors. They've got awesome platters, main dishes, and paellas that are perfect for sharing! Favorites include the Tittos Elote (P245) made with grilled shredded corn, paprika butter, queso fresco, and chicharon, plus the Asado Argentino (P790) grilled flank steak marinated in Latin spices and served with tons of sides. They've got your staple burritos and tacos, too. 

Find Tittos Latin BBQ & Brew at G/F, OSquare 2! 

Vagabonds Artisan Comfort Food

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Image: Vagabonds Artisan Comfort Food 

Looking for comfort food but can't decide on just one? Vagabonds serves comfort food for different palates and cravings! According to them, they'll take you on a journey with their quality dishes inspired by all-time favorites. Vagabonds' signature dish is the super tender One Kilo Steak (P2650) served with southern pilaf and four different sauces. Want something cheesy? Their chicken wings (P245) are also popular for having unique flavors – they have Honey Sriracha with garlic aioli dip, Tagalog's Best, also known as "deconstructed kare-kare" bagoong wings with peanut dip, Belgian Wanderer made with dark chocolate and paprika, and Shogun wings that have an umami flavor. Many more pasta, burger, appetizer, and entree choices await you at Vagabonds. Talk about a new twist on old classics! 

Try Vagabonds at 2/F OSquare 1!


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Botejyu has been around since the 1940s in Osaka, but opened their first branch in the Philippines just in 2016. They serve a wide variety of authentic Japanese cuisine, so no matter what kind of Japanese food you're craving, you'll be satisfied here. Botejyu originated as an okonomiyaki restaurant, so you'll definitely have to try their different kinds, made with ingredients like pork, shrimp, and even mochi. The popular Premium Moonlight Oko (P395) is made with beef, pork, shrimp, squid, and topped with fried egg. Takoyaki fans have to try their Takoyaki All-Star (P245) that comes with different sauces. You can also find your usual Japanese fare like rice bowls (the Grilled Pork is said to be a Pinoy favorite), sushi rolls, yakisoba, and ramen. 

Drop by their branch at G/F, OSquare 2! 

Bawai's Vietnamese Kitchen

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Image: Bawai's Vietnamese Kitchen North Towers & Greenhills

You're probably accustomed to the banh mi and pho, but have you explored other dishes of Vietnamese cuisine? Bawai's Vietnamese Kitchen started out as a restaurant in Tagaytay whose popularity grew so much, they opened up more branches in the metro. A must-try appetizer is the Goi Cuon (P320), or fresh rolls, with pork, shrimp, vegetables, and vermicelli wrapped in rice paper. Of course, you can't miss out on pho – popular choices at Bawai's are the traditional Pho Bo (P365) and the Bun Bo Hue (P375) made with pork knuckle soup, beef tenderloin, and pork belly. For a caffeine kick, they serve the famous Ca Phe Sua Da (P130) iced coffee, known for its sweet, milky taste from the condensed milk used. 

Try Bawai's Vietnamese food at G/F, OSquare 2! 

Raw Natural Juice Bar

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Image: Raw Natural Juice Bar

Looking to try a new juice cleanse or a plant-based diet? Raw Natural Juice Bar has got what you need! You can pick up different juice series based on your health goals (they've got Detox, Weight Loss, and Skin Series) and how many days you want to do the juice cleanse. While you can order the juices online, their Greenhills branch offers many more specialty drinks like power smoothies, loose leaf tea blends, and mocktails! You can also get a taste of their all-vegan food items, like pizzas, salads, mains, and even a vegan brownie (P80) for a sweet dessert. 

Go natural at the 2/F Promenade Mall! 

Hey Brew Eatery + Bar 

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Image: Hey Brew

There's a new spot in Greenhills where you can sip on cocktails after work or on weekends! Hey Brew was started by Chef Niño Laus and Kalel Demetrio, the duo behind Agimat in Poblacion. They've got a wide range of drinks to offer, from coffee to cocktails to milkshakes, making it a good spot to get your drink of choice, no matter what time of day. The Italian Mafia (P250) is a great cocktail choice for those with a sweet tooth, made with rum, chocolate liqueur, salted caramel vodka, orange juice, pandan syrup, and egg white. And if you're expecting your usual bar chow at Hey Brew, think again – you'll see how these guys really take their work seriously with elevated, beautifully plated dishes. The Beef Tongue Sandwich (P380) is made with 72 hour braised ox tongue, rich salted egg sauce, mushrooms, and pickled red onion, all on brioche bread. 

Enjoy a meal or a nightcap here at the G/F, Greenhills Theater Mall! 

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