Potterheads Can Have a Merry, Magical Christmas at Yule Ball 2018 in December

Following the success of last year's Harry Potter and The Great Hogwarts Halloween, Privatus Private Dining, Plato PH, and Patronus Events, Inc. once again collaborated to bring Potterheads an experience they surely would never forget! 

Happening on December 14 at La Castellana in Intramuros, get your wands and your fanciest gowns and dress robes ready for The Yule Ball 2018! The ball is expected to be attended by about 250 witches and wizards who will be enjoying a night of nothing but good food and music as they go waltzing the night away. 

Photo: La Castellana
Photo: La Castellana

Just like last year's dinner, Privatus Private Dining's Executive Chef's AJ Reyes will be serving a set of Harry Potter-inspired dishes which will give guests a taste of what it's like to have wizard's cooking! These dishes will be paired by drinks mixed and prepared by Privatus Private Dining Master Bartender and Mixologist Mark Anthony Marquez. So if you've always been wondering or craving what a Butterbeer tastes like, you definitely will have them during the event! 

Before the big event this December, here's a peek of all the magical dishes you get to enjoy for this year's Yule Ball! 

Mystical Bread
Add-ons for the Cauldron Soup

Start your culinary experience with the variety of Mystical Bread they have (Yes, they have those Breadstick Wands as well!), but if you're more of a soup person, they also have their own version of the classic onion soup they call Cauldron Soup, as it's cooked in Snape's cauldron. Feel free to add the different ingredients they have available to make your bowl extra magical! 

Gillyweed Salad
Golden Egg Custard

They will also be bringing back their Gillyweed Salad - made with seaweed, onions, squid, and sesame dressing. We can't assure you that you won't be growing gills after having a spoonful of these! Another addition in this year's menu is the Golden Egg Custard, which is basically savory egg custard with crab meat and fish roe. 

Molly's Magical Meat Pie

For the main dishes, it's best to start with something that will bring you a taste of homemade cuisine. Molly's Magical Meat Pie, said to be Ron Weasley's favorite dish, is a hearty dish made with ox tail, bacon, and other magical ingredients. 

Perfect for the holidays, make sure you get a taste of the Roasted Diricawl with Stuffings and, of course, the Hogwarts Christmas Ham. The baked chicken-like diricawl is served with a red wine au jus and stuffing, while the Hogwarts Christmas Ham, cooked with molasses and served with mashed potatoes, will definitely get you in the mood for the holiday season. Pair it with Hagrid's Roasted Vegetables and you're guaranteed a filling meal! 

Roasted Diricawl with Stuffing
Hogwarts Christmas Ham 
Hagrid's Roasted Vegetables 

What's a dinner without a good dessert or two, right? This year, Privatus Private Dining will be serving their Hogwarts Castle Cake, as well as Hogwarts House Cupcakes for those who want to show some house pride!  

Lastly, there's the classic and foamy Butterbeer to top off a good meal. Available during the event are alcoholic and non-alcoholic options, so even those who don't want to get boozed out can still enjoy the drink that's loved by everyone in the Wizarding World. 

Yule Ball
Hogwarts Castle Cake
Yule Ball
Hogwarts House Cupcakes

Excited for this year's Yule Ball? Better get your Galleons withdrawn now because you can start registering for the big event! The standard rate is priced at P1,950, but the first 100 registrants can avail of the early bird promo for only P1,800. You may register by clicking this link, or by contacting Eis Garcia of Patronus Events at patronusevents@gmail.com. 

For more information, you may check out the Facebook pages of Privatus Private Dining, Plato PH, and Patronus Events

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