‘Die, Inday!’ Aims to Claim The Spotlight Through Its Make-believe That Feels So Real


University of the Philippines

U.P. Los Baños
Los Baños
Laguna, Philippines

About the Event

Jean Genet’s ‘The Maids’ is coming to the Philippine stage in a UPLB adaptation titled ‘Die Inday!’ this coming November 13 and 14, 2019 at 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm at the NCAS Auditorium, under the direction of Assistant Professor Elmer Rufo. The production aims to explore queerness and play-pretense as it tackles important issues such as oppression, labor, abuse, crime, debauchery and socio-economic divide. The trinity actors—John Nehemiah Lopez (Claire), Lolita Lubaton (Madame), and Third Alub (Soleng)—breathe life into the play charged with dark humor and disturbing realities. 

‘Die Inday!’ circles around the role-playing games of two sisters, Claire and Soleng, who grew sick and tired of their reality inflected with domestic labor and deprived existence. Illusion for them is a nest, which is why in a short span of time, each becomes someone else. When their Madame is not home, Claire puts on Madame’s persona while Soleng assumes Claire’s. Illusion is a kept secret and must remain so in order for them to survive. However, the homecoming of Madame and her lover endanger Claire and Soleng who fear that their dark secret will be discovered. Towards the end, the line between pretense and reality is blurred by an unpredictable twist of fate. 

‘Die Inday!’ is definitely more than what meets the eye. The sophisticated white set providing background to the story’s thematic polarities – beauty and madness, as well as, humor and tragedy – will place the viewers between contradictions. 

So catch this production of THEA 102-XY1 class (Theatre Communication). For more information, please contact Adrej Enriquez at 09171652369 or refer to the production’s official Facebook page, “Die, Inday” (link: facebook.com/dieindayuplb).

‘Die, Inday!’ contains language and images for mature audiences.

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