Art Gallery by The Manila Hotel Presents ‘Elements’

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The Art Gallery

Manila Hotel
Ermita, Manila
Metro Manila, Philippines

  • 19
    6:00 PM
    12:00 AM

About the Event

Art Gallery by Manila Hotel’s ‘Elements’ is a nod to the basic elements of visual art. To grace this show, we proudly present HELENA ALEGRE, MARIA MAGDAMIT, MARGE ORGANO, KANKAN RAMOS and MIGS VILLANUEVA as they visualize and interpret true form and beauty of objects that affect human interaction.


Art, indeed, flows through HELENA ALEGRE’s veins. A former member of the prestigious Bayanihan Philippine Dance Company, Helena now shares her artistic prowess through the exquisite and one of a kind pieces of wearable art she creates. Inspired by the filigree designs of Paracale, Camarines Norte, Helena’s original creations definitely give homage to our country’s undeniable artistic flair.

Looking at KANKAN RAMOS’s abstract paintings is like staring at the calming waves of the ocean. Kankan’s use of varying textures and colors lulls her audience into a deep state of reflection, which is a testament to the artist’s personal search for identity and human connection. Additionally, Kankan also paints portraits, which is the artist’s way of encouraging women empowerment by sharing their stories on canvas.

Armed with the various techniques she has acquired from pursuing studies in glass sculpture from the internationally renowned Studio of the Corning Museum of Glass (New York) and Kamenicky Senov (Czech Republic), MARGE ORGANO is able to form glass like it is an extension of her hands. With Marge’s coninuous honing of her craftsmanship, we are able to see light bend in ways that we thought not possible.

Hand-built and Hi-Fired stoneware are what comes to mind when we come across MARIA MAGDAMIT’s stunning creations. Her pieces are enthralling, taking us into an otherworldly experience where we get to enjoy the coraelsque treatments that are distinctly Maria’s handiwork. Maria’s works may seem ethereal, but it it takes rigorous work and for Maria, the process of creating Art is a prayer thanking God for the gift of creation.

MIGS VILLANUEVA is a story-teller at heart. Highly regarded for her works in verse and fiction, winning three Palanca Awards and an NVM Gonzales Award, she has consistently brought this essential quality to her work in visual art. Villanueva takes her character sketches and illustrations and imbues them with saturated lightness and refreshingly simple arrangements.

Without a doubt, Migs’ fun and whimsical pieces remind us of our childhood as we share feelings and experiences through the artists’ works.

The artists contextualize this idea to focus on the causes and effects of human actions/ interactions and trace these movements through lines that evoke change, shapes that express different contexts and patterns that rise and fall to describe the rhythm of being. The works allude to the beat, the impulses, the punctuations and highlights of living.

ELEMENTS opens September 19, 2019, Thursday at 6PM and will run until November 10, 2019.

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