Far Side Of The Moon

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102 P. Tuazon Blvd., Cubao, Quezon City
Metro Manila, Philippines

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About the Event

Artery Art Space is proud to present “Far Side of the Moon” featuring paintings by Allan Balisi, Argie Bandoy, Demosthenes Campos, Lindslee, and Carlo Ricafort, showing a spectrum of energy waves collected to paint a definition of abstraction as textured ambience, the image as archeological signifier open for excavation and interpretation, content transmitted from unconscious conditions towards the anxiety of humor, or, gestural patterns and compositions that defy convention but form a pleasurable account of the undefinable.

Far Side Of The Moon

This exhibit marks an approach to painting that is seen generally as ornamentation born from the mechanics of the design, albeit immanent in this practice moreover is a propensity for critical reflection, tactical formalism, and the discrimination of taste.

Allan Balisi graduated from Far Eastern University and has exhibited extensively in various spaces including Artery Art Space, Blanc Gallery, West Gallery, and Clear Gallery (Japan). Argie Bandoy studied at the University of the East with shows at Proj20, Kalawakan Space Time, West Gallery, and Taksu (Singapore). Demosthenes Campos has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Technological University of the Philippines, with shows from Boston Gallery, The Crucible Gallery, Kaida Contemporary, and West Gallery.Lindslee graduated from the University of Santo Tomas, and has shown in numerous galleries that includes Artery Art Space, Galleria Duemila, West Gallery, and Taksu (Singapore). Carlo Ricafort graduated from San Jose State University, and has exhibited at museums, galleries and cultural spaces in San Francisco (US), Los Angeles (US), New York (US), San Cristóbal de las Casas (MX), Bangkok (TH), Sète (FR), Hamburg (DE), and at various spaces in Manila that includes ArtInformal, Vinyl on Vinyl, West Gallery, and Artery Art Space.

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