Chopsuey Improv Mixer

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3657 Bautista St., Palanan, Makati
Metro Manila, Philippines

About the Event

An Improv Mixer show is a venue where improviser groups, established or not, looking to experiment with new types of improv formats can go and have a show without the logistical nightmare of actually planning for one. Each Improv Mixer Show will be composed of four improv groups.

Chupsuey Improv Mixer

Who are The Performers:

Deadma Us - A group of characters coming from diverse demographics who found our safe space in each other. The hunger for learning and courage to give are the ingredients to our unpredictable short form plots that is sure to spark interest.

DUO OH WO WOAH! - wo improvisers who decided to trust the process and jump in to this opportunity. No matter what happens in the scene, they know that with every YES AND – they got each other’s backs! This is their first time performing as a group.

Wholesome Threesome - TJC, Jason, and Tams are a trio of friends who try to keep things wholesome. Can they keep it wholesome? Come and watch them to find out.

XOXO -  A Duo from Chopsuey Improv who likes to create long form formats and try new things. Their first appearance as a Duo is in the FRINGEPROV: 12 HOURS, 24 ACTS. IMPROV ALL NIGHTdebuting the Duo format called “Deyan“.

Ticket price is PHP 300.  

You can buy tickets through You can also reserve here and pay at the venue. However, since seats are limited, we will prioritize those who bought tickets through


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