Lubao International Balloon & Music Festival 2017

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Pradera Verde

Pradera Verde
Prado Siongco, , Lubao
Pampanga, Philippines
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    5:30 AM
    5:30 PM

About the Event

This 2017, balloons will continue to fly at Lubao International Balloon Festival. For the 4th year in a row, around Forty (40) balloons will shower the skies of Lubao, Pampanga with their magnificent designs and beautiful colors while wonderful music from international and local artists will also be featured to make it a truly one of a kind spectacle.

This annual event of Pampanga is the biggest hot air balloon festival in Southeast Asia. To maximize the wide available space and drive more people to visit, the festival will include a music festival. There will also be various entertainment shows that will cater to both young and old.


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The festival will not only showcase the magnificence of the hot air balloons during the day, it will also give the spectators the chance to marvel at their grandeur against the night sky.

Night Glow
Aside from enjoying the night breeze and view from atop, there will be hot air balloon display for added entertainment.

Concessionaires will sell food, delicacies and souvenirs.

Kite Flying Activity
We will open the flight area for guests to freely fly their kites.

Fireworks Display
Fireworks display will be coloring the skies at night.

Carnival Area
Fun rides will be installed on the venue for guests to enjoy. There will also be booth activities.

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