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CBC Corporate Center
Shaw Blvd, , Mandaluyong
Metro Manila, Philippines

About the Event

In collaboration with one of the most prominent (and fan favorite) Ha Sungwoon fansites, Cloud Union Philippines announces its first event: a franchise of the birthday project by Cloudsome dedicated to Wanna One and Hotshot’s main vocal Ha Sungwoon entitled “Notes n’ Words”, a photo exhibition event straight from the motherland of Korean Pop, South Korea.

Notes N Word

“This event serves as a kick-start of activities under [Cloud Union Philippines] and at the same time a way to share and spread our sincerity in supporting Ha Sungwoon in his current promotions and future endeavors,” said Harvey Duaves, secretary and founder of Cloud Union Philippines (CUPh). “Also, it’s really a great chance for fans to gather, meet new friends, surround and splurge themselves with [Sungwoon’s] photos, all the while having some post-celebration for the Korean star’s birthday last March 22.”

Wanna One also recently had their comeback, delighting their fans with new songs and spectacular performances, thus making this event more worthwhile for fans, in line with the group’s recent activities and upcoming show promotions

Notes n’ Words is open for fans on April 15, Sunday, at 3rd Flr., Unit H-I, CBC Corporate Center, 724 Shaw Boulevard, Wack-Wack, Mandaluyong. Event-goers can choose among three ticket options ranging from P500 to P1000 for admission with corresponding goods included and even get the chance to win prizes from Belle De Jour Power Planner.

“We wanted this exhibit to be affordable and accessible for Sungwoon fans and supporters – or even Wanna One fans in general – to effectively build and cultivate a strong fanbase in the Philippines of the talented and hardworking singer,” shared Pauline Miralles, executive staff at CUPh. “We hope to strengthen and spread the love and support that Sungwoon deserves.”


About Cloud Union Philippines

Cloud Union Philippines is a start-up, non-profit organization established for the common love and support of dedicated Ha Sungwoon fans in the Philippines, committed to promote peaceful fan life and strengthen and spread appreciation toward the passionate and talented singer who serves as the fans’ inspiration and happiness. For more information about the organization and the event, you may visit and/or:

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