Makialam: Pagsuri sa Lipunan, Paghulma ng Kinabukasan


University of the Philippines

U.P. Diliman
Diliman, Quezon City
Metro Manila, Philippines

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    10:00 AM
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About the Event

Join UP Economics Towards Consciousness (UP ETC) as it celebrates its 39th Consciousness Month for the whole month of February under the theme “Makialam: Pagsuri sa Lipunan, Paghulma ng Kinabukasan.” Join us as we initiate discussions among various sectors of society about the projects of the current Duterte administration.

39th Consciousness Month: Makialam

We’ll kick off “Makialam” on February 1 with “Pagpuna, the launch of Consciousness Month.” Past and present ETCers will be gathered in remembering what brings them together. The launch will also see the unveiling of an exhibit about the history and advocacies of UP ETC. Do not miss the exhibit as we will be making rounds around the campus throughout the month.

From February 5 to 9, find your love at “Paraluman, a Valentines-themed lifestyle bazaar” at UP Ayala TechnoHub. Buy clothes, trinkets, and trades to your heart’s content - at affordable prices! Be sure to stick around for the concert, perfect for both the single and the ready-to-mingle.

Challenge your ideas in our anniversary educational discussion, “Youth in Action 2018 - Makilahok: A Symposium on the Implications of a Revolutionary Government.” On February 10, watch high school students battle their skills out in legislative simulations, public speaking, and editorial cartoon competitions.

Planning to have fun this coming UP Fair? Don’t forget to drop by our advocacy fair booth “Usbong” from February 13 to 17 in UP Diliman Sunken Garden. Play through our interactive minigames and learn about the organization’s advocacies on human rights, extrajudicial killings and historical revisionism.

Be one of the lucky commuters to catch us in “Byahe, a series of small discussion groups on the Jeepney Modernization Program.” Throughout the month, we will be doing ambush discussions on the topic inside jeepneys with random passengers.

Finally, “Makialam” will wrap up with its culminating event “Alpas” on February 24. ETC members and alumni will be visiting a local barangay to immerse and to exchange opinions and information on the current issue of extrajudicial killings

For more information, visit our facebook page UP Economics Towards Consciousness and Consciousness Month.

This February will be jam-packed with events, timely and relevant to Filipino society. We invite you to join us in our Consciousness Month to spark value-adding discourses on current news and social issues. Makialam tayo sa mga talakayang panlipunan at makialam para sa pagbabago!

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