Sampung Minuto Kada Buwan

Far Eastern University
Far Eastern University - Manila
R.Papa (C. M. Recto), , Manila
Metro Manila, Philippines

About the Event

The FEU Theater Guild (FTG), one of the most active university-based theater organizations in the country, opens its 83rd theater season for the 1st semester of the academic school year 2017 – 2018 with a major production that will surely leave the audience wanting for more.

Sampung Minuto Kada Buwan

For this theater season, the President's Committee on Culture and FTG will showcase an original play entitled “Sampung Minuto Kada Buwan” written and directed by Dudz Teraña, FTG's artistic director and senior PETA (Philippines Educational Theater Association) artist and teacher, known for his original plays such as Confessions, Usapang X, adaptations of plays such as Dominique La Victoria's “Ang Bata sa Drum”, Rica Jopson's “Makikitawag Lang Ako”, Allan Lopez's “Anatomiya ng Pagibig” and other notable such plays.

FTG's major production entitled “Sampung Minuto Kada Buwan” is consists of 12 different stories, each revealed in 10 minutes. A short time to tell a long story, but enough to leave the audience with the most important details and realization. The 12 different stories represent the 12 months in a year. To which FTG will showcase the reality of how people passes through the minutes, hours, days and months without a second glance. Watch as the actors of FTG enact how people blindly and routinely go through the year. However, no matter how robotic life can be, there are these 10 minute segments in one's life that cannot be forgotten, iconic and memorable moments which are worth more than the wealth and materialistic object's that can earn in a lifetime. In this 1st semester’s major production of the FTG, the lessons and experiences become the prize and treasure one earns. For time and the past are what defines us and what makes us who we are today

Watch and experience as FTG performs on stage all the torment, heartbreak and loss that unexpectedly happen in a year. Feel the love and the overwhelming emotions as the actors go on a roller coaster ride to unearthing the importance of oneself. Join their journey of self – discovery and find a deeper sense of reality. Get older and wiser as you reach the end of one journey and venture into another as a new person. At the end of the year, celebrate a new reality. 

FTG's “Sampung Minuto Kada Buwan” will be on stage this October every Thursday, Friday and Saturday on these show dates Oct 5 to 7, Oct 12 to 14, Oct 19 to 23. From 7pm to 9pm. The play will be featured at the PCC Center Studio, Ground floor of Technology building, FEU Main.

The tickets will be sold at 100php for FEU students, Alumni and staff with valid ID, and 150php for guests. Due to the intimacy of the staging of this production, there will be limited seats offered, so grab your tickets now.

Should you have any queries, feel free to contact Elle Barrios: +63997-076-5168 (Globe) and/or Therese Ailes: +63918-403-2687 (Smart). You can also contact the President's Committee on Culture at +632-736-4897 or visit the FEU Theater Guild's social media accounts for more details.


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