Mapua's Mr. and Ms. Senior High School

“Can’t repeat the past?…Why of course you can!” – F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby. A pageant is a party with competition written all over. As F. Scott Fitzgerald said “I like large parties. They’re so intimate. At small parties there isn’t any privacy.” Certainly there is no privacy on this party. To present the young ladies and gentlemen to all, proving that beauty and brains is a reality, there is no better way to introduce other than going big. As we continue to  welcome senior high school students into the arms of the Institute, the Mapúa Senior High School will be hosting its very first pageant on December 15, 2016 with the theme “The Great Gatsby”.

The pageant comprises of three categories: Streetwear, Casual Wear, and Formal Wear. Each category has their own theme presenting their potential to looking good in any style.

Starting off with the casualwear, the theme is popular amongst the youth nowadays with its hipster vibe and Bohemian influence. It is the style made popular by Coachella, a music festival that is gaining popularity this year. Embodying the sixties, it’s boho-chic.

Streetwear is where the contestants can show off their sense of high street fashion. The theme is centered on a fabric that is used commonly on jeans; a common high street staple, denim.

And the highlight of the pageant, formalwear, will bring back the splendor of 1920s New York City ever so elaborately described on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s book “The Great Gatsby”. See the candidates wearing their most lavish and glamourous like the ones worn at Mr. Gatsby’s parties.

14 ladies and 14 gentlemen will battle for the crown of this year’s pageant. They will use their dedication, charisma, wits, and of course, attractiveness to prove that they are worthy to wear the crown and be the first Mr. and Ms. Senior High School. The winner of the pageant will be given a chance to represent Mapúa Senior High School on the upcoming Mr. and Ms. Cardinals. Such privilege truly a great honor. Who do you think will get the crown?

This pageant shall pioneer the future pageants to come and the Mapúa Senior High School – Supreme Student Government will make sure that it makes its mark.

And of course, a pageant wouldn’t be one if there is no question and answer portion.

The pageant will have special awards on certain aspects of the candidates. These awards are:
-Mr. and Ms. Congeniality
-Mr. and Ms. Photogenic
-Mr. and Ms. Social Media Debonair
-Mr. and Ms. Likeable
-Best in Streetwear
-Best in Casual Wear
-Best in Formal Wear

And of course...
-4th Runner Up – Mr. and Ms. Senior High School 2016
-3rd Runner Up – Mr. and Ms. Senior High School 2016
-2nd Runner Up – Mr. and Ms. Senior High School 2016
-1st Runner Up – Mr. and Ms. Senior High School 2016
-Mr. and Ms. Senior High School 2016

We encourage everyone to witness this grandiose event and support your candidate for a price of Php 200. Tickets are now on sale. If you’re interested or you have inquiries, contact us on Facebook @MapuaSHSSSG and on our email address

Witness the grand spectacle of Gatsby’s party born out of his love for Buchanan. Experience and see the candidates bring back the splendor of 1920s New York City to the runway. Glitz and glamor from their elaborate gowns and tuxedos adorn the stage. Who will be Mr. Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan? See you everyone and let’s cheer for our bets!

By: Allen Alteza

Mapua Institute of Technology
Muralla St., Intramuros, , Manila
Metro Manila, Philippines


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