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    Ang Pagsalubong Sa Apatnapu

    Kicking off its 12th Theatre Season HABI, Teatro ni Juan’s highly commended original musical Ang Pagsalubong Sa Apatnapu returns this June on a limited run.

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    Artist Playground’s 'Laro'

    “LARO,” written by Floy Quintos with additional material by Miguel Castro, is an adaptation of Arthur Schnitzler’s “La Ronde” for 10 male actors.

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    The Kundiman Party

    Acclaimed as one the most meaningful and relevant original Filipino plays in recent times, Floy Quintos’ “The Kundiman Party” comes to the PETA Theater Center for limited run starting May 24.

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    AKO: Alpha Kappa Omega

    A production by Tanghalang Ateneo, 'Alpha Kappa Omega' is based on Mike De Leon's 'Batch 81' and tells the story of Sid Lucero, a college professor, and a group of college students who join a fraternity.

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    Shakespeare’s Rose Theatre

    The award-winning Shakespeare’s Rose Theatre Company makes its international debut in Manila direct from the UK, and is brought to you by Lunchbox Theatrical Productions, producers of some of Manila’s best-loved shows such as Phantom of the Opera.

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    Baka Naman Hindi

    A classic farce filled with innuendo, physical comedy and snappy dialogue, Baka Naman Hindi returns to the CCP stage after its successful restaging in 2018.

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    Los Compadres Del Bigote

    The Los Compadres del Bigote (LCDB) is a musical comic duo composed of John Philip Bautista and Itchie Boy Montilla.

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    In the play PULA, a person steps out of history to relate to a modern audience the atrocities that would drive ordinary people like him/herself to actively revolting against an oppressive regime: a difficult choice, but one that they felt had to be done.

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