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ClickTheCity Connect: Share Your Food Finds to Win a P1,500 Foodtrip!

Connect and Get a Chance to Win a P1,500 Foodtrip!

If there’s one thing we’re missing often nowadays, it’s human connection. There’s no denying that we all miss going around the city, eating out with friends, and talking about everything and anything — from the newest movie in the cinemas to that newly opened restaurant everyone’s been wanting to visit!

To keep that connection strong even when we’re apart, we bring to you ClickTheCity Connect – your new space to create a conversation about your interests, discover new city finds, and connect with other fans.

ClickTheCity Connect
ClickTheCity Connect: your new platform to keep connected with everything in the city and beyond

Through this platform, users can not only discuss their favorite content, but also discover something new, thanks to the other people who are sharing their thoughts on everything that’s happening around the city.

In Connect, there’s really no such thing as a limit! You can talk and freely discuss everything – from the latest trending BL show to the next food trend that everyone in the metro’s been cooking.

Discover and support small businesses by checking out this this Connect discussion!

Connect and Get a Chance to Win a P1,500 Foodtrip! 

Keep connected with the ClickTheCity community and get a chance to win food vouchers worth P1,500 from foodpanda! All you need to do is log-in to Connect and post a photo as a reply on the Connect Topic: “Share a Photo of Your Fave Pre-Quarantine Meal & Get a Chance to Win P1,500 Worth of Foodtrip at Home.” 


The promo is open from July 20 to August 3, 2020. Three winners will each receive a P1,500 food voucher from foodpanda! For the full mechanics, you may visit this page.

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