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  • When I saw this movie, I said to myself 'Oh boy, it is another Terminator-like Dark series of all. Well, I guess, I have seen that not-so-sexy Sarah G. But, when I saw that not-that-ugly dog, I said to myself, Here I am, The One of them all. I tried to watch this movie after all, it was the worst experience, people were shouting and some even peed on my pants. My mother told me to pick up cooffee after killing my brother, then my sister put up his cap on my booty. My botty droped out of my pants, the worts movie of them all, here it is, Sarah Geroningongo. But, there’ smore! Dm me for more info agout this movie, ill send unthe movie, i recorded it u know guys! ILoce recording movies of them all, i even record malificent: dark theme. make sure to like my videos! and my brothe ris laughing when it is not funny hoe

    Unforgettable - starring: Sarah Geronimo

     Thu, 31 Oct 2019 1:10 PM  More Reviews