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  • Plain Dumb

    Love Me Tomorrow is as commercial as it gets. But it didnt have to be necessarily boring and ridiculous! It was a pain to sit through. The choices made to tell the story were absurd and not plausible at all.

    The characters were all idiotic and unsympathetic. Piolo Pascual's acting is getting stereotypical. It may be a question of his talent or his movie choices. Dawn Zulueta was exploited and undermined. And Coleen Garcia's character was just plain moronic. It was so hard for me to care for these characters. Yes, they all look good, but I didn't pay 260 pesos just to see that. I could've just googled their faces for free.

    Considering I loved #Y and Ex With Benefits from director Gino Santos, this was a major let down, a misstep. To all involved with the film making process, I was wondering, have they seen the movie themselves?

    Love Me Tomorrow - A middle-aged fashion designer considers a relationship with a much younger man.

     Mon, 30 May 2016 4:48 PM  More Reviews