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  • Expectations greatly affect how people are satisfied or disappointed. I came to watch this movie knowing very little to almost nothing about the characters. Since I'm not really a DC fan, my expectation was mainly to have more knowledge about them, their origins, and whatever their motivations are, which I guess, was met at certain level.

    I would understand why people criticize it negatively. I find myself confused and trying to catch up several times. There are too many characters to follow and try to understand. Although I think they did a great job in introdicing each character, I felt that it was a little bit rushed. It could have been better if these characters were built over a period of time through series of movies before they even become Suicide Squad. And the way they define the word "metahuman" was a little bit confusing.

    The plot was lame and generic. The script was messy and confusing. The villain's motivation was totally played out. I still don't understand what she was doing although some of my friends tried to explain it. I could agree that it pictures the events in Xmen Apocalypse.

    Will Smith was indeed a great fit for Deadshot. Viola Davis was perfect as Amanda Waller. Although I find myself thinking about Atty. Keating, I could agree that she really did a great job. While everybody's favorite is Harley Quinn, I find her annoying everytime she opens her mouth. Most people are disappointed with the rareness of Joker but I find it getting my interest to see more of him in future movies. My favorite was Diablo because he had a nice character arc, although I felt that I wanted to see more of him in this movie.

    Overall, I still enjoyed watching the movie. I cannot say that it is a good, great, or awesome movie, but I will define it as "entertaining". And I will put it slightly below Xmen Apocalypse.

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