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  • It was a simple storyline pero tagos and the actors executed we'll as expected. Julia Barretto is a grown-up actor now and has proven she can be an excellent actor. The confrontation scene of her and Jako (Joshua’s character) was a bit long, however, she pulled it off really well. Kris’ #satruelang character was just like watching her YouTube channel. In general it was a fine movie. Pinakatumatak sa akin was the heartfelt scene of Ronaldo Valdez, Joshua and Kris. Watch the movie for you to find out. Ang galing din ng pasok ng music. Soundtrack is also good. Makes me wanna buy the album kung meron ma.
    Love the Male lead
    Love the Female lead
    Love the Story

    I Love You, Hater - Joko who is trying to help his family survive and Zoey who is trying to prove he...

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