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  • “I loved that everything was so...real. I think audiences have gotten so used to seeing glamorized versions of characters in movies that when we get to watch something like Alone/Together, where Liza has unkempt hair and Enrique has pimples *gasps*, it's so refreshing and adorable! I loved—and hated—that the film made me reevaluate my life. It's only been a couple of years since I graduated, but I can't help wondering if the "me" from college would be proud of where I am right now. There's always this fear of letting that person down, of being a "failure" in your own eyes, and it's honestly scary.

    In the film, both Liza and Enrique displayed the kind of maturity that they previously weren't able to express in their rom-com films. More than just a dramatic love story, Alone/Together reminds us of our youth, of the dreams we had in college, of the people we met and lost along the way.”
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    Alone/Together - College sweethearts Christine and Raf meet again for the first time, eight years af...

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