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  • Just because it's an AlDub film doesn't mean you can downplay it as if it's a waste of money or it's fraught with superficiality.

    On the contrary, Imagine You and Me is way BEYOND EXPECTATIONS. The breathtaking scenery that is Como, Italy... A simple, yet unforgettable story... Those light, sweet and tender moments... The phenomenal love team of Alden and Maine and their natural portrayal of their characters... These are what made the movie so beautiful and refreshing. (There may be some plot holes but it does not detract in the least from enjoying the movie as a whole.)

    One major sign that I loved a movie is if it has left an after-effect on me moments after watching. Indeed, I was smiling like crazy from the time that I got out of the movie house and all throughout my way home.

    And that ending? Again, UNEXPECTED and SURPRISING! I wonder how Lola Nidora reacted when she saw that one...

    But me? It's just...


    Imagine You & Me - An OFW that believes in romance and destiny is drawn to a jaded young man who rej...

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