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  • Seeing Zootopia and Pets this year (both animated movies set in worlds full of animal characters) I am already preparing myself to feel too familiar with the movie Sing. But surprisingly I get more than what I expected. Unlike the two movies, ang Sing ay musical. And there are a lot of songs in it. If you've seen Trolls, and thought that it got a lot of songs, well mas marami ang kanta sa Sing, and most of them are popular songs from classic to pop.

    The performances from each of the characters in the finale was wonderful. Magiging emotional ka with most of them. I think mas suitable ang movie na ito sa teens, but children should be able to enjoy the humor and slapsticks in the movie. The moral of the story is to always pursuit your dreams and don't let others keep you from doing that.

    Sing is definitely a great family movie that everyone will enjoy.

    Sing - Set in a world like ours but entirely inhabited by animals, a koala impresario stages a grand...

     Sat, 7 Jan 2017 8:43 AM  More Reviews