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  • An attempt to step away from the expected

    The whole "mistress" storyline had been used (and abused) by mainstream cinema for two reasons- (1) attached with this story theme are the expected over the top drama, catchy one-liners, and promise of redemption that has proven to tickle the fancies (and launched a thousand and one memes); (2) Simply because it sells. With that in mind, it's so easy to dismiss Etiquette for Mistresses as one of the other mistress films that follows a tried and tested trajectory. However, what actually transpires on the screen is an intelligent, candid, and oftentimes painful portrayal of the other woman. In the film, we see their humanity- what makes them happy, what they aspire to be, what triggers their insanity. The film isn't trying to preach nor to justify morality. Inspired performances by the leads and some innovative shots by the director, Etiquette for a Mistresses is a good attempt to add a fresh perspective to a story that has been overused for so long.

    Etiquette For Mistresses - Four seasoned mistresses take a new girl under their wing to teach her th...

     Sun, 4 Oct 2015 6:40 PM  More Reviews