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  • *Disclaimer: I'm no movie expert, I'm just an ordinary viewer.*

    First of all: I really loved the prequel of this movie, Although, it's not that necessary or not highly recommended for you to watch the prequel, in order for you to enjoy The Incredible's 2. I'll give you a 100% guarantee that you'll be still enjoy watching it (Well of course, depending on how you perceived it and..) Because, why not? It's a family-packed movie after all. Who knows, you might even set a date for your family to watch "The Incredible's" (Part 1)

    With that said, I'll give this movie a fun 4.6/5 stars. For some reason, it really out-stood the prequel. Which I'll give the creators, the praise that they deserve. Why not? They even took 14 years to come up with the sequel, without even over-hyping it to the public.

    Story Wise: Okay, so as a perspective of an adult, it's kinda sweet and simple. Although, they didn't really made the story just for the kids to have their fun. Even myself included (as a young adult), they really caught my focus on the story, while watching this movie. So with that said, it's a win-win for the adults and kids to enjoy this movie (As I early stated, this is a family packed themed movie, after all. Plus, you'll never know? Some morals can be applicable also to our present. Welp, you know what I mean as you watch this fun movie)

    Action: So, they really considered their short comings in the prequel and improved well on this sequel. Whom I kidding, for a 14 years of developing such good movie and in animation, sure I understand how hard animation is and you'll definitely feel that they put a 100% hard work just to put it all together, and they really didn't took a fall/failed in every scene. I mean, it's not just an animation with action, just for the sake of having one, but you can feel that they made their best efforts to put every story in every action scene.

    Hilariously funny: You'll know you're watching a good animation movie, if not only you made the kids laugh, but also by including their parents as well, that's why it's perfect to watch this movie with your family. You'll understand why as you've watch it.

    Heart-warming: Not only, that it's family friendly to watch this movie, but this movie will also, make your bond/relationship grew even more closer to one another (Well at least that's what I felt, after watching it)

    Great in 3D: Since it's an animated movie and If you and your kids are a big fan of 3D or IMAX. You can probably enjoy watching this with it. If it is available of course, because why not? We live in a modern technology anyways, and you'll definitely appreciate what the artists/cartoonist's efforts they put it in this movie, as the awesome vibrant colors they chose and also the crispness of the texture of the characters were very well done as compared to the prequel.

    Personal Remarks: I really did had fun watching this movie, definitely made my senses activated and made me focused more on the story. A perfect balance of the prequel and the sequel. And kinda worth of a 14 years to made this movie possible.

    *Bonus Remarks: If you're fond of finding Easter eggs in a movie, you'll definitely don't want to miss this movie.

    Lastly, I hope you did had a great fun watching the movie as well ^_^
    Great in 3D

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