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    Feng Shui 2 | ClickTheCity Movies

    Feng Shui 2 - A young man finds himself in the possession of an ancient mirror that carries a terrif...
    I consider feng shui 1 as my top horror film that is pinoy made. Thats why i cant help but compare feng shui 2 from its original.


    The premise of the movie was promising. Showing that after Joy got rid of the bagwa, the horror of Lotus Feet continues supporting the plot of the movie as later on revealed. How Lester's character was introduced was also genius and how it transitioned as the other characters were introduced.

    Death Scenes
    Lotlot de Leon really raised the bar with her death scene on FS1 and i felt that FS2 came short on thia aspect. There was no memorable, heart pouncing and witty delivery that can be compared with how red horse can kill.