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  • Heard this received a 7-minute standing ovation sa Cannes (but lost to Korean flick "Parasite") so medyo mataas talaga expectation ko knowing it's a Quentin Tarantino film.
    Grabeee ang boriiiing! It's a slowburn dramedy. Too many long pointless sequences. Yes, it still has his signature scenes-- those in-your-face tutukan standoffs, barefoot shots but it was the last 10 minutes which has the classic QT touch, brutally fun bordering to humurous! Nice cinematography and awesome acting (sad to see Luke Perry's last movie) but not enough to save the movie. I really wanted to love it as film geeks may like it, it may not be his best, pero naburyong talaga ako. Mag tatlong oras ba naman. Not for everyone. Take note, no sex and nudity. Hahah!
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