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  • Said to be Quentin's "Love Letter" to Hollywood... His dream or fantasy of what Hollywood was until it was ruined by the Manson Family. In this movie he wanted to portray the mood of the Era, of its transitioning to an end of an Era to a new one through the characters... In the ending of the sixties, we're introduced to a pair of old friends reaching the twilight of their careers and maybe even friendship. Sharon represented the coming hope of the next decade, she was full of life and energy... her career has started to pick up steam and is on its way to super-stardom. Quentin, showed us what should have been, instead of the grim reality of what truly happened. An end for the two friends in both career and friendship, instead became a promise of a future for the both of them... by just sidetracking reality.

    Once Upon a Hollywood - A faded television actor and his stunt double strive to achieve fa...

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