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Today, April 16
06:10 am The Pickers S14
07:05 am Counting Cars S8
08:00 am Kings Of Pain
09:00 am Forged In Fire S6
09:55 am Forged In Fire S7
10:50 am Forged In Fire S7
11:45 am History Drama: Knightfall S2
12:40 pm The Pickers S14
01:35 pm Counting Cars S8
02:30 pm Forged In Fire S7
03:25 pm History Drama: Knightfall S2
04:20 pm Kings Of Pain
05:20 pm Forged In Fire S6
06:15 pm The Pickers S16
Tonight, April 16
07:10 pm Pawn Stars S20
08:05 pm Counting Cars S8
09:00 pm Grant
10:50 pm Jesus: His Life
Tomorrow, April 17
12:40 am Counting Cars S8
01:35 am The Pickers S16
02:30 am Jesus: His Life
03:25 am Pawn Stars S20
04:20 am Grant
06:10 am Jesus: His Life