‘Inside Out’ Filipino Co-Director to Produce an Animated Film About Philippine Mythology on Netflix

As we're eagerly waiting for TRESE, here's another animated Netflix title to be excited about!

Disney and Pixar veteran Ronnie Del Carmen, who also co-directed Inside Out, is producing an animated Netflix film about Philippine mythology, Cartoon Brew revealed.

This is after Del Carmen exited from Disney and had a deal with Netflix to produce and become a consultant for the streaming service’s animated projects. And as a Filipino, Del Carmen wanted to bring the tales of his home country to the screen.

“I grew up somewhere else,” the animator told Cartoon Brew. “My story starts in a group of islands, in a region that I’ve now traveled back to many times over. Each time I wish I could stay and relearn what I missed. Now I feel the pull of figuring out the beginning. The parts that I use to make movies began there. So on this new journey, I go where these stories will thrive. I carried these tales to Netflix, and when they heard my story they asked me to tell it here. So this is where I’m growing and nurturing these stories that have never been told, in an arena they deserve to belong to.”

Del Carmen, has also worked on titles such as Prince of Egypt, Batman: The Animated Series, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, Finding Nemo, Coco, and Toy Story 4.

He was also the head of story for Up, and handled one of the film’s most famous and touching moments: when Carl was leafing through a photo album filled with the memories he shared with his wife Ellie.


More details are yet to be revealed on Del Carmen’s latest project, but Filipinos will surely be thrilled to finally see themselves fully represented in a film by a fellow Filipino, who had worked on the most well-known animated films and series.

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Disney has also recently released Raya and The Last Dragon, a film that featured Southeast Asian characters and cultures. We also got to see Float, a Pixar SparkShorts film that featured a Filipino father and son. And last Christmas, Disney UK gave us a touching short film that showcased familiar Filipino elements and gestures.

Meanwhile, Netflix has also been producing animated titles from around the globe. This includes the anime adaptation for TRESE, a Filipino comic book series that also centers on Philippine folklore and myths.

For the latest Netflix updates, be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also read Ronnie Del Carmen’s full interview with Cartoon Brew here.

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Homestream image from Ronnie Del Carmen on Instagram.

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