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12 New and Classic K-Dramas You Can Stream on Netflix

Already planning which shows you will be binge watching over the weekend? Here are 12 of the many dramas streaming on Netflix for every K-drama lover out there! 

Holidays and long weekends are coming up! And for those who would rather get their well-deserved rest instead of going out, Netflix would definitely be your best friend during the break! 

Luckily, with all the new content which recently came out, you can never really run out of things to watch from them – may it be films, documentaries, stand-up comedy, TV shows, and even K-dramas! They even carry some of the more classic, older dramas we used to love years ago! 

Already planning which shows you will be binge watching over the weekend? Here are 12 of the many dramas streaming on Netflix for every K-drama lover out there! 

1. Full House 
Number of Episodes: 16 

Known to be one of the first K-Dramas that caught the hearts of Filipinos, Full House stars Song Hye Kyo and Rain and premiered back in 2004. It centers on Ji Eun, an aspiring scriptwriter who meets famous actor Young Jae on a plane ride, She later discovers that her house has been sold to him by her friends while she was away. She is then forced to live with Young Jae and to work as his maid for her to be able to buy her house back. 


2. Dream High 
Number of Episodes: 16

Dream High centers on a group of 6 students from Kirin High School who all dream of becoming K-pop idols. Throughout their school years, they also learn to develop their skills in singing, songwriting, and dancing, all while finding out their own strengths and weaknesses for them to debut. The drama stars Bae Suzy, Kim Soo Hyun, Ok Taec Yeon, Ham Eun Jung, Jang Woo Young, and IU. 

3. Boys Over Flowers
Number of Episodes: 25

While the Chinese remake of Meteor Garden is still not available on Netflix PH, we could only just rewatch the Korean remake for now. The show premiered in 2011, and is also based on the Japanese manga "Hana Yori Dango". It centers on Geum Jan Di, a girl from a poor family who had a chance to study in a prestigious private high school. There she meets a group of 4 rich and good-looking bullies known as F4, and led by Gu Jun Pyo. The drama stars Ku Hye Sun, Lee Min Ho, Kim Hyung Joong, Kim Bum, and Kim Joon. 

4. Oh My Venus
Number of Episodes: 16

Starring Shin Min Ah and So Ji Sub, Oh My Venus is about a personal trainer who meets former ulzzang Kang Joo Eun who's now 33 years old, overweight, and is someone you wouldn't consider attractive. The drama first broadcasted back in 2015. 

5. It's Okay, That's Love
Number of Episodes: 16

In It's Okay, That's Love, first year psychiatry fellow Ji Hae Soo's life changes when she meets mystery writer and radio DJ Jang Jae Yeol who suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder. Their relationship didn't start of well, but as they learn more about each other's personalities, they also realize how compatible they are. The drama stars Jo In Sung, Gong Hyo Jin, Sung Dong Il, Lee Kwang Soo, and EXO's Do Kyung Soo. 

6. Reply 1997
Number of Episodes: 16

The first of the three Reply dramas, Reply 1997 is about Sung Shi Won – a high school student who's probably considered to be one of H.O.T.'s biggest fans – as well as her friends who she grew up with back in 1997. Now that she's 33 years old, she and her friends relive their high school memories, all while having the audience guess on who she ends up marrying. It stars Apink's Jung Eun Ji and Seo In Guk. 

If you want to catch on the next Reply drama, Reply 1994 is also available for streaming on Netflix! 

7. Hwarang
Number of Episodes: 20

For those who are into historical dramas, there's Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth which is as star-studded as it could be. The cast includes Go Ara, Park Seo Joon, Park Hyung Sik, Shinee's Choi Min ho, Do Ji Han, Cho Yoon Woo, BTS' Kim Tae Hyung, and more. The drama is about a group of young elite males who are trained to protect the Kingdom of Shilla from anyone who wants to usurp its power. Little do the Hwarangs know that within their group is the future king. 

8. Healer
Number of Episodes: 20

Starring Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young, Healer is an action drama revolving around an illegal "night courier" known as Healer, a tabloid reporter, and a famous journalist from a broadcast station who worked together to uncover the truth from an incident from decades ago. 

9. Something in the Rain
Number of Episodes: 16

Photo: Netflix

Something in the Rain is a love story following Yoon Jin Ah who is reunited with her best friend's younger brother, Seo Joon Hee. Because they work in the same office building, they find themselves getting closer with each other, eventually turning their friendship into something more. It stars Son Ye Jin and Jung Hae In. 

10. A Korean Odyssey 
Number of Episodes: 20

Photo: Netflix

A fantasy drama inspird by the novel "Journey to the West", A Korean Odyssey follows Monkey King Son Oh Gong who meets  Jin Seon Mi 25 years after their first encouter. Along with the Bull Demon King, they must then work together in finding the light in the world that's full of evil. It stars Lee Seung Gi, Oh Yeon Seo, Cha Seung Won, Lee Hong Gi, and Jang Gwang. 

11. Mr. Sunshine 
Number of Episodes: 24

Mr. Sunshine is a Netflix Original drama based on the Shinmiyangyo – or the US expedition to Korea back in 1871. It tells the story of a Korean boy born to a family of servants who ran away from the family they serve. He later returns from America as a U.S. marine officer, falling in love with an aristocrat's daughter, and discovering the plans of other foreign countries to colonize the country he ran away from. It's from the same writer and director who gave us Goblin and Descendants of the Sun, and stars Lee Byung Hun, Kim Tae Ri, Yoo Yeon Seok, Kim Min Jung, and Byun Yo Han. 

12. Life
Number of Episodes: 16

Photo: Netflix

From the same writer who brought us Stranger comes Life, a medical drama about power struggle between the people in a hospital who want to protect and save, and those who want to defend what they think is right. It stars Lee Dong Wook as one of the doctors, and Jo Seung Wo as the CEO of the said hospital. 





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