WATCH: Disney Gives Us a Peek ‘Inside Pixar’ in Upcoming Series

It will give us a look at how our favorite Pixar films are made!

Disney+ revealed the trailer of the upcoming docuseries, Inside Pixar.

As the title already implies, Inside Pixar gives viewers a look at the studio that brought us the films Up, Cars, Inside Out, Wall-E, and Coco to name a few. It shows the process these movies need to go to in the hands the artists and creators that give life to it.

Check out the trailer below:

Inside Pixar is directed by Erica Milsom and Tony Kaplan. It will start streaming on November 13 at Disney+. Last month, it has also been announced that the upcoming Pixar film Soul will be coming to the streaming platform on December 25.

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TV Show Info

Inside Pixar
Produced by
Directed by Tony Kaplan & Erica Milsom

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