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‘Stranger’ Season 2 Launches on Netflix This Saturday

Three years after the first season aired in South Korea, the mystery-thriller K-drama Stranger returns for season 2 with more twists and surprises this Saturday, August 15! Just like the first one, the second season will also be streaming on Netflix, a few hours after it airs in South Korea.

Watch the teaser for the K-drama here:

In the new season, Hwang Si Mok and Han Yeo Jin team up again to uncover the mysteries and discover the truth, while trying o solve the cases that seem to be connected with each other.

From the teaser alone, people who loved the first season can already expect a story with many twists as the two main characters try to rise above the battles they face as more people try to keep their secrets hidden.

Photo courtesy of Netflix

Stranger S2 brings back Cho Seun Woo and Bae Doo Na as the two lead characters, along with Lee Joon Hyuk and Yoon Se A. It will also be introducing new players in the story — Jeon Hye Jin and Choi Moo Soong. Park Hyeon Seok directs the drama, with a screenplay from writer Lee Su Yeon.

Stranger won the Daesang (Grand Prize) at the 54th Baeksang Awards. It was also included in The New York Times’ list of Best TV Shows of 2017.

Stranger Season 2 launches on Netflix this August 15 at 9:30PM, with new episodes every Saturday and Sunday. Stream the first season here.

Homestream image courtesy of Netflix.

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