Aster Flores Confession in The Half of It

WATCH: Aster Flores’ Deleted Confession Scene from Netflix’s ‘The Half of It’

It’s been two months since The Half of It launched on Netflix. Have you moved on already from the feels? Well, to make you remember them all over again, Netflix has recently released a deleted scene from the film, featuring Alexxis Lemire’s Aster.

Check it out below:

In the never-before-seen clip, Aster goes to the church’s confession box to confess that she is in love with someone that’s not her boyfriend. She also admits that she is “lonelier than ever” despite having someone who makes her feel “full and amazing and real”.

While it was not really the “confession” we were all expecting, it still got us asking as to who Aster was referring to. Was it Paul? Was it Ellie? Will we ever know?

Actress Alexxis Lemire also tweeted about the clip, saying that it’s the first time she’s also ever seen the scene. She then proceeded to thank director Alice Wu for still releasing the clip despite it being deleted from the final film to which Wu replied with a “you crushed it”.

The Half of It is about smart high school student Ellie Chu who helps the school jock Paul Munsky write a love letter to his crush Aster Flores. The only catch to this whole situation is the fact that Ellie is also crushing on the same girl. The film comes from director Alice Wu and stars Leah Lewis, Daniel Diemer, and Alexxis Lemire.

The Half of It is now streaming on Netflix.

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