Japanese Mukbang Vlogger Guest Stars on Cartoon Network’s ‘We Bare Bears’

Check out the behind-the-scenes clip of Yuka Kinoshita for her 'We Bare Bears' cameo!!

Do you like watching people eat on YouTube? Do you like bears? Well, you’re in for a treat as Yuka Kinoshita, a wildly popular “mukbang”, has caught the eyes of Cartoon Network, the brand behind Asia’s favourite cartoon, We Bare Bears.

Last year, Yuka munched her way through the entire menu (only 11,000 calories!!) at the Princess pop-up We Bare Bears café in Tokyo and has always professed her love for the comedy show. Cartoon Network then decided to cast this competitive eater in an episode where she played Amanda, Panda’s love interest in the Japanese version of the episode “Summer Love”.

Yuka said: “It was a dream of mine to appear in We Bare Bears, and I was thrilled when Cartoon Network gave me the opportunity. Now I’m hungry for more!”

Here she is talking about the experience to her 5 million subscribers –

We Bare Bears is a Cartoon Network original, created by Asian-American Daniel Chong. Now in its fourth season, there are plenty of Asian food references so the partnership with Yuka is the perfect mashup!


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